Widgets and Plugins

There are a number of widgets included with your blog. When a blog administrator selects to include a widget on their blog, this widget shows up as a box on the right sidebar of their blog site.

To add or remove widgets, go to the Widget menu which is under the Appearance tab (only administrators have access to this tab).

The default widgets available on a Missouri State blog are:

  • RSS Subscription button - this allows your readers to subscribe to your blog via RSS
  • Recent Posts - shows your most recent posts.
  • Categories - lists the categories for posts within your blog.
  • Tags - shows all of the words users have used to tag their blog posts and pages.
  • Search Bar - allows readers to search within your blog.
  • Calendar - shows a monthly calendar and highlights which days posts are published.
  • Pages - links to pages users have created within your blog.
  • Links - a list of links users set up to external websites.
  • Meta - allows users to log in to the Dashboard of their blog.
  • Archives - a monthly archive of your blog posts.
  • Text - a small box of arbitrary text or HTML.
  • Recent Comments - shows the most recent comments on your blog.