Accepting Credit Card Payments Online

Accepting a credit card payment online is an involved process. If done incorrectly, the end user will receive a poor experience (duplicate payment postings, multiple email receipts, etc) or worse have their personal information exposed. As such, university policy outlines four different methods that allow distributed developers and systems to accept payments online using credit cards.

Implementation options

Web Press database forms

Database forms in Web Press can be enabled to support credit card processing. This option is the easiest method, but also contains the most restrictions:

  • Forms cannot contain logic. The amount charged cannot be changed based on a user's selection in the form. Neither can the payment method be changed based on user selection.
  • Multi-step forms are not supported. All of your form fields must be on the same page.
  • Social security numbers are not allowed to be collected by Web Press forms.

Use the Enable Credit Card Processing for a Web Press Database Form page to get started.

Full CASHNet storefront

CASHNet storefronts have the ability to capture customized information with a purchase and can be used for item purchases and registrations. Contact Financial Services for more information on CASHNet storefronts.

Vendor supplied solution

Many purchased campus systems are able to accept credit card payments via integration with CASHNet. Contact Financial Services before purchasing if you are planning to purchase a vendor system that accepts credit cards.

Custom application integration

Computer Services Management Information Systems and web strategy and development write and maintain custom integrations with CASHNet. Contact one of these departments for information regarding a custom solution.

Frequently asked questions

Q: My conference charges different amounts for different types of attendees. Can I use a Web Press database form?
A: Yes. You will need to have a page in front of your registration form which asks the user to select which attendee type they are registering. You will need a separate form for each attendee type. Contact the Web Help Desk for assistance in using the same form fields on each separate page.

Q: I hire students to manage my website. Can they code a custom integration with CASHNet?
A: Custom credit card integrations must be maintained. Students are short-term employees and therefore cannot be the primary maintainer of a credit card integration. Custom integrations written by distributed developers or students will only be allowed if Computer Services Management Information Systems or web strategy and development agrees to assist in maintenance before the project is begun.