Allow Others to Subscribe

There are two options that users can take to subscribe to your blog and follow your posts. The first option is built-in to Missouri State blogs: using RSS feeds. The second option, subscribing via email, is available through a WordPress plugin.

Follow the instructions below to find out how to use both options.

Subscribing via RSS

There is a Subscribe to RSS widget installed on your blog at set up. You can usually find this at the top of the right sidebar that contains all of the widgets. If this widget is ever removed from your blog, users can also access the RSS feed of your blog by finding the RSS icon in the address bar of your browser. Click the icon to view the RSS feed.

Subscribing via e-mail

Users can also subscribe to your blog posts by having an email sent to them every time a new post is created. This is accomplished through the Subscribe2 plugin. To set up this email notification system:

  1. Navigate to your blog and log in as an administrator.
  2. You will first need to ensure that the Subscribe2 plugin is activated. Once the plugin is active, go to the Settings menu on your blog Dashboard and click the Subscribe2 link.
  3. Here you can change all of the settings for the plugin: how often and in what format emails are sent, the email templates that are sent, as well as how you would like users to subscribe.
  4. You can insert the subscription form on either a separate page in your blog, or as a sidebar widget. If you would like the widget option available, ensure that Enable Subscribe2 Widget is selected under Appearance. If you would like the page subscription option to be available, ensure that Show the Subscribe2 button on the Write toolbar is selected under Appearance.
  5. To make the subscription form be a separate page, first create a new page. In the text editor, click on the yellow button labeled S2. This will insert the subscription form on this new page. The title of this page should be "Subscribe via Email" or something similar. Click the Publish button and users will now be able to subscribe through this page.
  6. To make the subscription form be seen as a sidebar widget, go to the Widget menu under Appearance on your blog's Dashboard. Grab the Subscribe2 widget and drag it to the right and place it in the Sidebar 1 column. Now the subscription form will be viewable on all posts and pages in your blog's sidebar.