Aerial Photography

Plaster Stadium photographed from an airplaneVisual media offers aerial photography/videography utilizing manned and unmanned aircraft. Approved projects must meet the goals and objectives of the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Visual media meets all operating requirements of unmanned aircraft, including the necessary pilot certification.

Unmanned aircraft use requires approval by the general counsel’s office and the department of safety and transportation.


Projects must be scheduled a minimum of 10 business days in advance. Weather may play a significant role in scheduling flights. Listed prices for manned aircraft photography do not include the cost of aircraft rental. Unmanned flights require the presence of at least two persons. Visual media will file for all necessary requests and clearances.

Project rates

  • Unmanned aerial photography/videography: $75/hr. (requires a minimum of 2 persons on location).
  • Manned aerial photography/videography: $50/hr. plus the aircraft/pilot rental fee.