Submitting Your Selfie

Submission Guidelines

1. You may submit a selfie of just you, or you may submit a group selfie. Photo must be appropriate for public display, i.e. no vulgarity or obscenities.

2. Each photo submitted must be accompanied by a completed Likeness Release Form. If there are more than three participants in the photo, please use the Likeness Release Form for Larger Groups. Photos will NOT be eligible for the mosaic unless we can match the release form and photo. Forms are available at the PSU Information Desk or

3. We will accept photos until May Day, May 07, 2014.

How to Send Us Your Selfie


You may send the PSU your photo and release form via Facebook message*.


You may send your photo and Likeness Release Form via email to Plaster Student Union*.

*Please use #BearMosaic in the subject line and Include your full name in the message body.