First Floor

Office of Student Engagement
The Office of Student Engagement is the source of many exciting, educational, and entertaining activities provided for the Missouri State community. The office plays a vital role in planning many campus-wide events and staff serve as advisors to student organizations. The Student Organization Funding Allocation Council (SOFAC) is a part of the Office of Student Engagement.
Multicultural Resource Center
The Multicultural Resource Center serves as an academic and social gathering place for many Missouri State students. The Center is student operated and modeled after centers in communities and universities across the country which promote diversity and cultural awareness in their environments. Those same ideas are promoted throughout the school year through workshops and seminars on topics of interest to students and other members of the Missouri State community.
BearPass Card Office
The BearPass Card Office is located in Plaster Student Union, room 128. Office hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. To report a lost or stolen BearPass Card, please call the office. The cost to replace a card is $10.00 and can be paid with cash, check or BearPass Card debit funds at the BearPass Card office.
Student Organizations
The Student Organizations Office Complex houses different organization on campus including departmental, greek, honorary, professional, religious, service, sports, social, and university. Offices are assigned annually by the Plaster Student Union board.
Citizenship & Service Learning
Citizenship and Service-Learning is defined as a type of integrated experiential learning that pairs a discipline-based course to a related service work that benefits an external government or service organization. Citizenship and Service-Learning links a regular content-based course to a one-hour Service Learning component related to the content course. Thus, it is a teaching strategy that enhances student learning by integrating applied and classroom work.
Center for Leadership & Volunteerism
The Center for Leadership and Volunteerism is dedicated to fostering experiential learning opportunities that enhance the Missouri State University public affairs mission. They develop students who are active citizens of enhanced character, sensitive to the needs of community, competent and committed in their ability to contribute to a global society, and civil in their habits of thought speech, and action.

Second Floor

Information Desk
The Information Desk, located at the PSU main entrance, is a place where you can go for help or general information about the building or the campus. The PSU information desk also handles campus lost and found.
Dining Services
Check out our website to find out the services we offer and how we can be contacted.
Study Away
The Study Away advising office has recently moved into the Plaster Student Union. Study Away Programs facilitates academic programming to increase cultural competence and broaden students' world view.

Third Floor

Event and Meeting Services
Want to hold a meeting or event at Missouri State? The Event and Meeting Services Office includes scheduling space, providing set up and technical services, and helping you with services such as catering, security, and physical plant services. Let us be your first stop for your meeting and conference planning needs.

Fourth Floor

Student Union Administrative Offices
The Student Union Administrative Office manages the operations of the Plaster Student Union.
Dean of Students Office
The Dean of Students Office is the place for students to go for assistance with problems or issues that come up during their college experience. Offices within this complex include the Disability Resource Center, Student Conduct, and Parking Appeals.
Office of Student Conduct
The Office of Student Conduct is the highest appellate judicial authority that sits as a panel for appellate review. Its authority is conferred by the President of the University. It hears appealable decisions made by the Dean of Student Life and Development and accepts referrals from the Vice President for Academic Affairs and from the Vice President of Student Affairs. It has jurisdiction over all students and all student organizations charged with violating the Standard of Conduct and other university policies, rules, and regulations.
Disability Resource Center (Moved to Meyer Library, Suite 111)
Disability Resource Center is available to advise prospective students during the application, admission, and orientation processes. Disability Support Services also offers information and referral services concerning the many programs of the University and Springfield community.
The Student Orientation, Advisement, and Registration program introduces incoming students to Missouri State, and prepares them for their first day of classes in the fall. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, take placement tests, meet with a faculty advisor to plan their individual schedule, register for classes, and buy books.