Level 1 Special Event Rules

  • SUPERVISION: Our staff takes care of handing out equipment and solving problems with bowling lanes, entering names, changing music, etc. and they will be very busy. Although they will help when they can, please make sure that you have enough adults at the party to supervise the safety and fun of kids. A good general rule is one adult for every 7-8 kids.

  • SAFETY: Please help us keep your guests from getting hurt by encouraging everyone to be safe: no running, climbing or jumping on the furniture and no throwing things at people. It is not safe to walk on bowling lanes because they are oiled and very slippery. The area behind the bowling lanes is for staff only – the machines can be quite dangerous. The area behind the counter is for staff only too. Adults need to keep an eye on young children at all times.

  • FACILITY CARE: Besides protecting the guests, we need to protect the space too. Nothing can be attached to our walls, ceilings, or fixtures. Bowling balls should be rolled, not lofted, and need to be thrown one at a time. If a staff member has to go to the back to fix a problem, for their safety DO NOT BOWL until they say it’s okay.

  • CANDLES: Normally, open flames are against the rules for our building. We make an exception for birthday candles, but please be careful when lighting them, and make sure that they are extinguished completely.

  • CLEAN UP: We’ll clean up the place after the party – but please help us by encouraging the use of trash cans and recycle bins, and let us know if there’s a spill so that we can clean it up right away.

  • FOOD: We have a standing waiver that allows you to bring in your own birthday cake. Any other food and beverage items need to be approved. Food ordered through our catering partner Missouri State Dining is fine, as is anything purchased from other vendors in the building (IE Papa John’s Pizza).