Tips for Transfer Students

Making the move to Missouri State? Make the most out of your time on campus by following these tips.

  1. Get involved on campus
    • Join an organization, group or activity.
    • Stay involved by taking advantage of our convenient dining halls with an on- or off-campus meal plan.
    • Attend the many NCAA Division I sports offered at Missouri State and support your Bears!
  2. Develop a budget
    • Know your monthly income.
    • Browse differently priced apartments and know what’s included in the rent. Are amenities like a pool or fitness center worth the extra money? 
    • Check average utility costs for your new space.
    • Estimate your monthly grocery, gas, utilities, cable and Internet expenses and use a budget calculator to develop a spending plan.
    • Remember that some things, like groceries or eating out, may be more expensive than your hometown.
  3. Budget your time
    • Group your classes together so you just drive to campus once a day.
    • Leave yourself time to eat lunch sometime during your day between work and classes.
    • Use a calendar and plan ahead.
    • Share household chores with your roommates.
    • Study on-campus or at coffee shops for fewer distractions from TV and Facebook.
    • Block out various study times during the week. Consider joining a study group.
  4. Know where you're headed
  5. Be a good neighbor
    • Nothing can ruin the off-campus living experience like butting heads with a neighbor, so keep these guidelines in mind when you move in:
      • Keep the noise level down, especially late at night.
      • Get to know your neighbors.
      • Maintain your yard.
      • Don’t let trash pile up.
  6. Go green
    • Turn off lights and computers when not in use.
    • Adjust the thermostat when you leave.
    • Use energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.
    • Unplug unused appliances.
    • Recycle.