Postgraduate Planning

Campus resources

The Missouri State Career Center offers a variety of workshops to assist you in planning for employment and sponsors a number of job fairs to connect you with employers. You can register with the Career Center to access their database of openings. Often, social service agencies contact the center for assistance in locating new employees.

Also, faculty members may personally notify graduating seniors and recent graduates when they become aware of position vacancies. Your field practicum site and supervisor may also be excellent resources when job searching.

Merit exams

Many BSW graduates find employment in social work positions or closely related fields at State of Missouri agencies. These agencies operate under the merit system and require you to take a merit exam.

The Missouri Division of Personnel schedules exams at various times and locations throughout the state. Student applications cannot be submitted until your final semester, but you can begin to fill out the rather lengthy application form much earlier. Applications, instructions and schedules are available online.

Graduate study

BSW students often pursue for graduate social work education. Students who complete the Bachelor of Social Work at Missouri State University or any other program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education may be offered advanced standing by some social work graduate programs, which may allow you to complete a MSW in one year.

All students interested in attending graduate school should check their prospective school's website to determine specific entrance requirements. If the school requires the Graduate Record Exam or Miller Analogy Test, we encourage you to take these exams during the first semester of your senior year.


Licensure requirements vary by state. The state of Missouri does not require licensure but many states do.