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Pursuing graduate social work study

The Master of Social Work (MSW) program at Missouri State is a competitive and selective admission program. The decision to admit new students depends not only upon the quality of the applicants who apply in general, but also upon the number of applicants applying and the number of seats available each year.

For more information, visit the Social Work Graduate Course Catalog.

Application components 

SocialWorkCAS Application: You will apply using Social Work Centralized Application Service (SocialWorkCAS). To begin this process, create an application account at SocialWorkCAS. SocialWorkCAS will verify your application for accuracy, calculate your GPA and send your materials to all Master of Social Work programs of your choice.

Note: the documents required below will all be submitted through SocialWorkCAS.

Official transcripts: Submit transcripts from all of the undergraduate and graduate institutions you’ve attended. The transcript verification process will take up to four (4) weeks during peek periods. Please plan accordingly. Please have official transcripts mailed to:

  • SocialWorkCAS Transcript Processing Center
    PO Box 9212
    Watertown, MA 02471

Coursework Entry: We encourage you to have unofficial transcripts on hand to assist with entering required information in the application. If you wish to input your coursework with assistance, you may utilize the Professional Transcript Entry Service (PTE).


Résumé: Submit a current résumé or curriculum vitae.  Please include employment, internship, and volunteer experiences.


Personal Statement/Essay: Once a personal SocialWorkCAS account has been created, you will find the statement question prompts under ‘Program Materials. All applicants will write five personal statements.  Personal statements are a crucial element of the application process and should be carefully and thoughtfully written. Faculty members will read your statements and assess them for quality of content, clarity of expression, and writing style (including grammar, punctuation, and spelling). 

Letters of Reference: Three academic or professional references are required.

Application schedule 

Opens: August 22, 2018 
Formal Review: January 31, 2019
Status Notification: February 27, 2019

Advanced standing applicants  

  • Verification of bachelor of social work from program accredited by Counsel of Social Work Education (CSWE). 
  • Verification is to be submitted with the application by a notation of CSWE on the official transcript, or print out of accreditation status of BSW degree awarding university listed on the CSWE website

International advanced standing applicants 

International students are able to apply for advanced standing program by completing the following procedures. CSWE's International Social Work Degree Recognition and Evaluation Service (ISWDRES) recognizes academic credentials in social work that are comparable to accredited baccalaureate and master's degrees in social work in the United States. Recognition is necessary to establish qualifications for employment, graduate school admission, membership in the National Association of Social Workers, state licensing, and/or certification. 

  • An International applicant is required to complete the ISWDRES screening form through Council on Social Work Education to determine if a social work degree has been obtained before applying to advanced standing program. 
  • Verification is to be submitted with the application through notation of CSWE accredited program on the official transcript or other forms of official CSWE document.
  • See ISWDRES Application Instructions for further information and process steps.

Applicant technical support information

  • Having trouble accessing the application? The preferred browsers are Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • If you have questions about your application, please contact your SocialWorkCAS Customer Service Representative at (857) 304-2016 or through the SocialWorkCAS Applicant Help Center.

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