Undergraduate advising

All students are required to attend a BSW Informational meeting before being assigned an advisor in the School of Social Work. After attending a meeting, students in the BSW program will be assigned a faculty advisor by the BSW program coordinator. The School of Social Work recommends that you meet with your advisor at least once a semester until you graduate. Your advisors will assist you in planning your course work and registering for classes. You can access your advisor’s information through My Missouri State. Advisors also help evaluate your performance within major course work.

Role of the advisor

Faculty advisors seek to accomplish several objectives:

  • Explaining the requirements for general education and the social work major
  • Preparing you for the admission process
  • Providing academic guidance in selecting courses
  • Assisting you in assessing practicum sites
  • Informing you about involvement opportunities within the School of Social Work
  • Assisting you in assessing your aptitude and motivation for a career or graduate study in social work