Distinction in Public Affairs

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Program Description

Distinction in Public Affairs is a program designed to give students an in-depth understanding of the Missouri State Public Affairs mission and give them an opportunity to explore Springfield's red flag issues identified in the Springfield Community Focus Report.  

Distinction of Public Affairs will be an immersive experience that will ensure that all DPA students have an equally challenging and growing experience. The immersive experiences will include activities such as a poverty simulation, a community partner panel, and volunteer opportunities with community gardens and a campus food pantry. 

Participants will be put into groups to explore various focus areas related to the Springfield community in greater depth. Additionally, groups will present on their focus areas at the Public Affairs Conference.   DPA participants are the only student presenters at the conference, and this will provide participants with an outstanding experience of presenting at the prestigious conference. Participants also receive one of only two medals allowed to be worn at commencement upon completion of the program.

How to Apply

Distinction in Public Affairs will be held at 3:30PM every Thursday starting March 21st - May 2nd. To apply for the opportunity to participate in Distinction in Public Affairs click the link below:

DPA Application SP19