Looking for a quick and easy way to recognize your student organization advisor for a job well done? Want to show your appreciation to your advisor for helping with a program, an important meeting, or project? Well S.N.A.P.S. is a simple way to tell your advisor thank you for all he or she does!

The SNAPS Recognition Program is intended to encourage students to show appreciation to their advisors for their outstanding service to a student organization. All you have to do is submit an electric form.

1. Complete the electronic form for SNAPS Recognition on the Office of Student Engagement website and include these details:

  • Name of the student organization and name of the advisor to receive SNAPS Recognition
  • Name of the student submitting the nomination
  • Provide a detailed description of why you want to recognize your advisor and what or she has done to deserve recognition (plus anything else you would like to share about your student organization advisor).

2. The Co-Curricular Involvement Team of the Office of Student Engagement will review your SNAPS Recognition nominations and will notify the advisor. Your advisor will then receive a copy of your submission and a Thank You note from the Co-Curricular Involvement team.

3. Students may submit as many SNAPS Recognition nominations as they would like. SNAPS recipients will be recognized at the annual Star Awards.

**There is nothing better than a thank you, a pat on the back, or a sign of appreciation for a job well done. We want to help you recognize your student organization advisors for all that they do! Please take the time to submit a SNAPS recognition nomination today!!!

S.N.A.P.S Application Form