September 4, 2003 Minutes

1. Call to Order - A regular meeting of the Staff Senate of Missouri State University was called to order at Plaster Student Union, Room 313 at 1:30 p.m.

2. Roll Call -

Present - Sherry Adams, Kelly Brown, Allison Crocker, Diana Garland, Abigail Hagy, Betty Lewis, Steve Mills, Tami Sutton, Veronica Adinegara, Mike Clark, Belinda Davis, Mary Lynne Golden, Tara Horton, Lisa McEowen-LeVangie, Myril Stewart, Scott Walker, F. Chris Arney, Sara Clark, SuzAnn Ferguson, Norm Griffith, Phyllis Kenney, Phil Nichols, Chris Strodtman

Absent - Patrick Byers, Marilyn Robertson, Chuck Donald, Robert Thurman, Cynthia Giacin

Guests - Ginger Allard, Kent Kay, Paula Wilhelm, Cindi Barnett, David Liss, Kelli Wolfe, Ron Boaz, Sheila Ponder

Lisa McEowen‐LeVangie, Chairperson, presided and Betty Lewis recorded the proceedings of the meeting.

3. Announcements -

Betty Lewis announced that Student Activities is looking for advisors for student organizations; if anyone is interested in being an advisor to a student organization, they should contact Student Activities, PSU 101.

Abigail Hagy and Kelli Wolfe spoke about Public Affairs Week, September 23-25. Special days are Tuesday-Citizenship, Wednesday-Service, and Thursday-Community. On Thursday, there will be a carnival from 2-7pm and the community is invited. Ben Stein will be speaking in Juanita K. Hammons Hall and everyone is asked to promote ticket purchases. Three billboards have been purchased around Springfield to promote the carnival. If there are any further questions, please visit the Public Affairs Week website at

4. Guest Speaker - Kent Kay, Associate Vice President, Financial Services - Kent gave a Powerpoint presentation on the appropriation requests for FY05 that described the current financial status of the university and what financial requests are being made to the Coordinating Board of Higher Education.

Missouri State is requesting:

  • equitable per student funding
  • priority restoration of FY2003 and FY2004
  • maintenance of current programs - inflationary increase

Missouri State has more than two times the amount of graduate students as comparable Missouri colleges and receives less funding per student than other master level universities.

$31 million Missouri State did not get if they had received the same amount every year since FY01. In FY01 Missouri State received $84 million; FY04, $73 million.

5. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the August regular meeting were approved.

6. Report from the Chair - Lisa McEowen-LeVangie - Lisa presented the name of Dr. Earle Doman to the senate to fill a vacancy for manpower code 1 - this was approved by a unanimous vote.

David Liss reported on the Health Care committee. The current health care plan will be bankrupt if something major isn't done soon. The committee was charged to do something by September so employees would have a chance to choose their options during the open cafeteria plan in October. The Health Care Committee recommended the following to Administrative Council:

  • The University would no longer pay for dental insurance – the funds used for dental coverage
    would be added to the pool to pay for health insurance costs. A dental plan would be made
    available for purchase individual or family plans.
  • Individual In‐network Deductible increases from $400 to $600
  • Individual In‐network Co‐insurance increases from $800 to $1,400
  • Individual In‐network maximum annual out‐of‐pocket limit increases from $1,200 to $2,000
  • Individual Non‐network Deductible increases from $400 to $1,200
  • Individual Non‐network Co‐insurance increases from $2,000 to 2,800
  • Individual Non‐network annual maximum out‐of‐pocket limit increases from $2,400 to $4,000
  • Family In‐network Deductible increases from $800 to $1,200
  • Family In‐network Co‐insurance increases from $1,600 to $2,800
  • Family In‐network maximum annual out‐of‐pocket limit increases from $2,400 to $4,000
  • Family Non‐network Deductible increases from $800 to $2,400
  • Family Non‐network Co‐insurance increases from $4,000 to 5,600
  • Family Non‐network annual maximum out‐of‐pocket limit increases from $4,800 to $8,000

7. Committee Reports -

  • Budget & Priorities Committee, Sara Clark - The survey is online; participation is about half of what it has been in prior years.
  • Denim Day, Diana Garland - The Denim Day Committee is currently meeting and planning. If anyone would like to sign up to work the collection table, contact SuzAnn Ferguson or Edie Sartin. A photo shoot of Breast Cancer Survivors is schedule for September 16 at 11 AM by the Hammons Fountains in the West Mall. Current information regarding events is posted on the web site at
  • Public Affairs Committee, Phyllis Kenney - A flyer and information sheet was passed out. Further information can be obtained at the PAW website at
  • Staff Salary Task Force, Myril Stewart - The task force is meeting monthly reviewing different models of compensation systems. The challenge is to keep any plan chosen cost neutral.
  • Parking Study Selection Committee, Myril Stewart - The selection committee hopes to have a parking consultant chosen by the end of September.

The next regular meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. on October 2, 2003 in Plaster Student Union room 313.

The meeting adjourned at 2:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Betty Lewis, Secretary
Staff Senate