March 4, 2004 Minutes

1. Call to Order - A regular meeting of the Staff Senate of Missouri State University was called to order at Plaster Student Union, Room 313 at 1:30 p.m.

2. Roll Call -

Present - Sherry Adams, Sara Clark, Earle Doman, LaDonna Hansen, David Liss, Phil Nichols, D. Lynn Singleton, Lisa McEowen-LeVangie, Ben Boslaugh, Allison Crocker, Diana Garland, Tara Horton, Monya McMichael, Cheryl Pawling, Tami Sutton, Lois Shufeldt (Faculty Senate), Patrick Byers, Belinda Davis, Norm Griffith, Phyllis Kenney, Steve Mills, Marline Ritter, Scott Walker

Absent - Veronica Adinegara, Chris Strodtman, Mike Clark, Antoinette Foster (SGA), Cynthia Giacin

Guests - Beth Aldrich, Howard Berriman, Sheila Ponder, Bill Cheek, Shirley Moentnish, Deborah Williams, Mike McManus, Ron Boaz, Mary Routh, Leslie Dingman, Shannon Conlon, Joyce Stefka, Susan Scott, Ronnie Climer, Janet Wright, Paula Vinson, Ann Fuhrman, Kate Mendenhall, Larry Dudley

Phil Nichols, Chairperson, presided and Tami Sutton recorded the proceedings of the meeting.

3. Guest Speaker - Dr. Bill Cheek, Associate Dean, College of Natural and Applied Sciences, and Chair of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Steering Committee gave a brief overview of the HLC Continuing Accreditation 2005 Self-Study and Site Visit. A few highlights of the presentation were:

  • Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredits the institution not individual programs.
  • Missouri State-by various names-has been continuously accredited by the NCA/HLC since 1915.
  • Focus of accreditation by HLC is on how Missouri State is poised to meet future changes affecting higher education and Missouri State.
  • Work on the HLC Self-Study will be coordinated with the new long-range plan.
  • An HLC website is under development and will provide updates and information about the Self-Study. Included on the website will be such things as:
    ~ The five criteria for continuing accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission.
    ~ How Self-Study is to be accomplished.
    ~ HLC Steering Committee membership.
    ~ Self-Study goal and objectives
    ~ Timeline for preparation for 2005 HLC Self-STudy and new long-range plan.

    Howard Berriman, Assistant Director, Office of Human Resources and Chair, Dental Plan Selection Committee gave a summary report of the proposed dental plan that will be presented and recommended to Administrative Council for approval. A few highlights of his presentation were:
    ~ Background and process for the Request for Proposal (RFP).
    ~ Results from the RFP.
    ~ Cost to University to continue funding of self-insured dental plan is about $200,00 per year.
    ~ Remaining self-insured.
    * Two levels of coverage; a preventative and a comprehensive level.
    * Definitions of preventative and comprehensive.
    * Deductibles and comparison with current dental plan.
    * Voluntary enrollment in dental plan
    ~ Breakdown of costs to employee. (Please see table)
Enrollment Option Preventative Level Comprehensive Option
Total Cost = $7.84 Total Cost = $24.00
Employee - Single University pays = $7.84 University pays = $7.84
Employee pays = $0 Employee pays = $16.16
Employee + spouse Total Cost = $15.68 Total Cost = $48.01
University pays = $7.84 University pays = $7.84
Employee pays = $7.84 Employee pays = $40.17
Employee + child(ren) Total Cost = $15.68 Total Cost = $48.01
University pays = $7.84 University pays = $7.84
Employee pays = $7.84 Employee pays = $40.17
Employee + family Total Cost = $25.82 Total Cost = $79.06
University pays = $7.84 University pays = $7.84
Employee pays = $17.98 Employee pays = $71.22

Mr. Berriman emphasized that the above amounts were estimates and that he was still reviewing claims data to get final rates; they may be a little higher or a little lower. He also indicated that a proposed date for approval by the administration was March 12, 2004.

4. Announcements - All senators and guests introduced themselves.

5. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the open, regular meeting of February 5, 2004 were approved.

6. Report from the Chair - Phil Nichols -

Phil Nichols introduced Cheryl Pawling from the School of Teacher Education. Cheryl was appointed by Phil to replace resigning Senator Marilyn Robertson (Labor - Grade 5).

Phil Nichols introduced Senator Sara Clark who then read the Staff Senate Salary Resolution penned by the Staff Senate Budget and Priorities Committee. The Resolution was moved for discussion. At this time Tami Sutton moved to add a friendly amendment to the resolution. Senator David Liss also wished to add an amendment to the Resolution, at which time Senator Clark accepted both amendments and after a brief discussion the Resolution was passed unanimously.

Chair Phil Nichols again introduced Sara Clark who wished to bring forth a Resolution regarding clarification of the nondiscrimination statement for the Staff Senate. Sara indicated that the Resolution was important to address formal actions that had taken place in the past, the process that had followed and make a statement of the Staff Senate position at the present. A discussion followed and the Resolution was passed 17 to 1 with 2 abstentions.

Phil Nichols made the Staff Senate aware that this was the Resolution that he would read at the March 2004 Board of Governors" meeting.

7. Committee Reports -

  • Budget and Priorities, Lisa McEowen-LeVangie-Chair - Due to the limited time remaining for the meeting and given the discussion that had already taken place regarding the Staff Senate Salary Resolution, Lisa declined to give a report.
  • Public Affairs, Phyllis Kenney-Chair - Phyllis Kenney, Chair gave a brief report and reminded us about the upcoming lunch hour lecture "Missouri State: Changing the Label to Match the Content" on March 9, 2004, with Paul Kincaid beginning at noon in PSU 315.
  • Faculty Senate, Norm Griffith-classified Staff Senate Representative - Norm Griffith gave a brief report on the actions of the Faculty Senate.
  • Staff Senate Centennial Committee, Diana Garland-Chair - Diana Garland gave a brief report on the Centennial Project.
  • Health Care Committee, David Liss-Member - Due to the time constraint and the dental care presentation, David declined to make comment.

8. Unfinished Business - There was no unfinished business.

9. New Business - Phil Nichols reported that he had received a copy of the Presidential Search proposal and timeline. Copies were offered at the meeting.

The next regular meeting will begin at 1:30 p.m. on April 1, 2004 in Plaster Student Union room 313.

The meeting adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Tami Sutton, Secretary
Staff Senate