June 5, 2003 Minutes

1. Call to Order - A regular meeting of the Staff Senate of Missouri State University was called to order at Plaster Student Union, Room 313 at 1:30 p.m.

2. Roll Call -

Present - F. Chris Arney, Belinda Davis, Tara Horton, Lisa McEowen-LeVangie, Myril Stewart, Kelly Brown, Norm Griffith, Phyllis Kenney, Phil Nichols, Chris Strodtman, Mike Clark, Mary Lynne Golden, Betty Lewis, Marilyn Robertson

Absent - Sherry Adams, SuzAnn Ferguson, Steve Mills, Patrick Byers, Cynthia Giacin, Robert Thurman, Chuck Donald, Abigail Hagy

Guests - Ginger Allard, Carol Ellis, Marline Ritter, Sara Clark, David Liss, Donna Smith, Angie Cockrum, Sheila Ponder, Scott Walker

Lisa McEowen‐LeVangie, Chairperson, presided and Betty Lewis recorded the proceedings of the meeting.

3. Guest Speaker - David Liss - David Liss, Staff Senate representative on the Health Care Review Committee, informed Staff Senate of the issues the Health Care Review Committee have been reviewing.

When the University insurance was up for renewal last year, the committee looked at all types of plans before deciding self-insured is the most cost effective and affordable option for both the employee and the University. St. John's won the bid through the university bidding process. Since the new contract started, several financial considerations have come up and David discussed the challenges of these considerations. We are currently in the third year of no increase in employee contribution on the family plan. However, costs have increased, but the university has paid the increased contributions for the past three years. The University will be covering another 10% increase July 1. A dollar amount equal to three months of estimated expenses must be kept in reserve to ensure the plan's solvency. This reserve, as well as the expenses that must be covered, continue to increase as the following indicate: in 2002 the plan experienced a 40% increase in costs over 2001; this year (2003) has already had a 20% increase in expenses over 2002.

The committee is looking at several options to help with costs, including deductible changes, total out-of-pocket changes and changes in the premium for family coverage. A decision on this increase would be made by October to take place January 1, 2004.

4. Approval of New Members -

Diana Garland was approved to fill a position vacated in manpower code 3 (Specialist/Support Professional).

The approved changes in the By-Laws created five new senate positions. These new positions will begin July 1, 2003 and serve for the remainder of this calendar year, plus two more full years. New senators approved are:

  • Academic Affairs - Allison Crocker
  • Administration & Finance - Sara Clark
  • President's Office - Tami Sutton
  • Student Affairs - Scott Walker
  • University Advancement - Veronica Adinegara

5. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the May regular meeting were approved.

6. Resolution on Wellness Incentives, Phil Nichols - The Resolution on Wellness Incentives was unanimously approved. Phil will contact Neosha Mackey, Chair of the Wellness Committee of the Fringe Benefits Committee, to have the committee take up the resolution and work on implementation.

7. Announcements -

There is a Faculty Senate opening for a Staff Senate Representative. This person should be classified staff. Contact Lisa if you are interested in representing Staff Senate at the Faculty Senate meetings.

The deadline for applications to the University Staff Ambassadors program is June 27. Applications are available online or in the Office of Administrative Services (Carrington Hall, room 104).

8. Report from the Chair - Lisa McEowen-LeVangie - Board of Governors approved revisions to the employee handbook. Governor Franks thanked the staff for picking up the added duties of unfilled positions. The Board of Governors elected the following new officers: Dr. Barbara Burns, President; Michael Franks, Vice President; Tom Allen, Treasurer; John McAlear, Secretary.

9. Committee Reports -

  • Veteran's Recognition - Phil Nichols, Chair-Elect, reported the resolution in support of our troops that was approved by Staff Senate in May was presented to Faculty Senate which, after discussion, was not voted on. A similar resolution was passed by SGA earlier this year.
  • Humanitarian Aid Collection - Phil also reported that $1,273.00 was raised for Kirk Meister and his family, who lost everything in the tornado last month.
  • Staff Salary Task Force - Phil reported that Dr. Keiser is allowing the salary task force to continue forward as requested. A formal reply to the original Staff Salary Task Force recommendations is now available. Contact Phil Nichols for a copy.
  • Public Affairs Committee - Phyllis Kenney announced that the committee has been discussing possible activities for Public Affairs Week September 23-25. The committee should have a proposal for Staff Senate to vote on in July.
  • Faculty Senate - Myril Stewart reported that Faculty Senate elected new officers in their last meeting. Dr. Jim Giglio is the new Chair and Dr. Lois Shufeldt is the new Chair-Elect.
  • Wyrick Commission - The Kings Street Retreat Garden was approved during the spring SGA elections. It will be in the empty area between Meyer Library and Forsythe Athletic Center.
  • Master Planning Committee - Mary Lynne Golden reported that the Master Planning Committee presented plans for the next 30 years. At this time funds are not available for any new projects.

10. Announcements -

Sara will be taking pictures of the new members for our web page immediately after adjournment.

To avoid conflict with senators who might be on vacation on July 3, it was decided to move the July meeting to July 10. The meeting on July 10 will be in PSU 314 at 1:30 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Betty Lewis, Secretary
Staff Senate