February 2, 2012 Minutes

Meeting Date: 2012-02-02

Person Presiding: Michael Frizell

Members in Attendance: Sandra Arthur, Kelly Barnts, Scott Fiedler, Sandra Johnson, Nadine Jones, Charles Klarr, Erin Parrish, Holly Robison, Matthew Stublefield, Erin Trotter, Andrea Weber, Dixie Williams

Proxies in Attendance: Donald Clark on behalf of Steve Turner Ex-officio Members in Attendance: Cynthia Hail

Guests in Attendance: Jennifer Meyer, Vicki Rossmann, Yvette Medley, Peggy Preston, Catherine Beck, Janelle Melton, Lisa McEowen, Barbara Gessel, Christie Englis, Brenda Stewart, Christina Bowles, Peggy Jones

Actions of Meeting

Agenda Item: Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Michael Frizell at 11:05 a.m.

Agenda Item: Approval of Agenda

The agenda was emailed in advance of the meeting. Dixie Williams moved to add Old Business to the agenda with the topic of an update from the CPS-CAP workgroup. This amendment was unanimously accepted and the agenda was approved.

Agenda Item: Approval of Minutes (12/1/2011)

The minutes were emailed in advance of the meeting. There were no changes requested and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Agenda Item: Reports

Budget Committees

Chairperson Michael Frizell shared updates about the work of the University budget committees and referred to Clif's Notes, which had been sent out that morning. Clif's Notes had the bulk of the report's material included and sections were read aloud.

It was noted that no pay raise will be forthcoming in July. Changes to the ADP were also noted, in regards to the new Diversity objective, and Director of Human resources Ed Choate will visit with the Senate in March to discuss this objective in more detail.

CPS-CAP Report

Discussion moved to Old Business agenda item.

Staff Activities

The Staff Activities workgroup brought forward two events for the Senate's consideration.

Ice Cream Social
  • Afternoon in late May
  • Proposed cost of $3.50 per attendee
  • Setup fee of $18 for each Chartwells employee who works the event
Game Night
  • Rent out the game center in the Plaster Student Union for an evening
  • The cost is $80 per hour
  • Concessions will be open but attendees must pay for their own
  • Cost to attendees depends on how many attend

Senator Erin Parrish felt that the Ice Cream Social would receive better turnout due to being during work hours.

Yvette Medley pointed out that Tent Theater will be hosting a Staff Appreciation Night on June 5th to which a staff member may bring a guest. Tent Theater will also be hosting a Cardinals Night on June 1st.

There was discussion about whether Staff Senate should host its own Staff Appreciation Night at a Springfield Cardinals game this year or instead partner with Tent Theater.

Director of Staff Relations Andrea Weber moved for a vote on the Ice Cream Social. This was seconded by Senator Erin Trotter and the Staff Activities workgroup received unanimous approval to move forward with this event.

Director Weber moved for a vote that Staff Senate host a Staff Appreciation Night at the Springfield Cardinals baseball stadium. This was seconded by Senator Scott Fiedler and the Staff Activities workgroup received unanimous approval to move forward with this event.

Senator Charles Klarr moved for a vote on the Game Night proposal from the Staff Activities workgroup. There was no second.

Staff Senate Nominations

Secretary Matthew Stublefield reported that nominations for Staff Senate and for the Executive Committee will be opening soon.

Nominations for the Executive Committee may be submitted by Senators at the March and April meetings of Staff Senate. The election for new Executive Committee members will be conducted in May 2012.

Nominations for Staff Senators shall open on March 16th and close on April 16th. Voting for Staff Senators will take place May 1st through May 31st.

Clarification was requested regarding job family and divisional members, as well as the terms of service. This clarification will be provided when nominations for Staff Senators open.

A question was raised regarding when a new staff member can become a Senator. While the old bylaws stated that one year as a staff member was required before someone could become a Senator, the new bylaws do not have this requirement.

More details about nominations and elections can be found in the Staff Senate bylaws at http://www.missouristate.edu/staffsenate/bylaws.htm

Old Business

Certified Professional Secretary (CPS-CAP)

Senator Holly Robison motioned to return to CPS-CAP resolution to the floor. Senator Nadine Jones seconded this motion which passed with a unanimous vote.

Senator Robison read the resolved clauses of the resolution at the Chair's request. There was no discussion on the resolution and the question was called. The resolution was approved unanimously.

New Business

Employee Assistance Program

Chairperson Michael Frizell stated that, after further research, he has discovered that the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is not a new program, but existed at one point in the past with a number of members on the committee. He will be conducting further research and meeting with those individuals to find out the status of that committee.

Inclusion and Diversity Committee

Chairperson Michael Frizell suggested that the Staff Senate form a committee to focus on matters of Inclusion and Diversity in recognition of both the University's new 5-year plan as well as the new Diversity goal on the ADP.

There was discussion regarding the intent of the Diversity goal on the ADP, as well as the interpretation of its measurable outcomes and how it can be evaluated. Director of Human Resources Ed Choate recommended that supervisors call him if they are uncertain how to evaluate this ADP goal.


The next meeting of the Staff Senate will be at 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 1st in PSU 313.