December 1, 2011 Minutes

Meeting Date: 2011-12-1

Person Presiding: Michael Frizell

Members in Attendance: Sandra Arthur, Scott Fiedler, Sandra Johnson, Nadine Jones, Peggy Jones, Charles Klarr, Holly Robison, Matthew Stublefield, Erin Trotter, Steve Turner, Dixie Williams

Guests in Attendance: Beth Bruner, Brenda Stewart, Yvette Medley, Sharon Lopinot, Kelly Cara, Cathy McFall, Lyn McKenzie, Kristi Oetting, Natasha Winston

Actions of Meeting

Agenda Item: Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Michael Frizell at 11:07 a.m. once quorum was achieved.

Agenda Item: Approval of Agenda

The agenda was emailed in advance of the meeting. There were no changes requested and the agenda was approved unanimously.

Agenda Item: Approval of Minutes (9/1/2011)

The minutes were emailed in advance of the meeting. There were no changes requested and the agenda was approved unanimously.

Agenda Item: Reports

Mileage Rate

Scott Fiedler reported that the research on mileage rate reimbursement has been concluded. The report talks about the mileage rate itself, how it is determined, what it is, what the workgroup thinks it ought to be, and the rationale behind that conclusion. Regardless of whether or not the rate of reimbursement is changed, the workgroup seeks to improve people's understanding of options regarding travel.

The workgroup concluded that travel of greater than 100 miles round trip could save both individuals and the University money if a vehicle is rented from Enterprise Rent-A-Car using the University's existing contract with that firm. Many people do not know about this contract and therefore do not use it.

Please click here for the report in full.

Executive Council Meeting

GEP 101 Pay Scale Compromise

Mike Wood visited the Senate at the November meeting to present on changes to GEP 101 compensation for staff and faculty instructors. A compromise has been reached in the month since.

Please click here to see the pay scale compromise memo.

Shared Leave Pool

The Shared Leave Pool committee has been formed and will begin meeting in January. West Plains will be represented and the Springfield-Campus Staff Senate will be working more closely with the West Plains Staff Senate in the future.

Please click here for the proposal.

New Business

Certified Professional Secretary (CPS-CAP)

Senator Peggy Jones yielded the floor to Brenda Stewart, who gave an overview of the issue to date. The resolution was brought to the floor and after a brief discussion regarding the wording and content of the resolution, Director of Human Resources Ed Choate stated that tracking a differential/stipend of this nature is extremely difficult for Human Resources and Payroll because Banner doesn't handle it automatically.

The resolution was tabled due to outstanding questions and time constraints.

Please click here for the resolution.

Format and Content of Staff Senate Minutes

Secretary Matthew Stublefield raised the question of content and format of the Staff Senate minutes. Some senators had expressed concern that the Staff Senate minutes were so detailed and were posted to the Staff Senate web site in draft format without prior review, while others were concerned at the minutes' comprehensiveness. Other senators expressed that they and their constituents preferred the more detailed minutes format as well as the ability to view the minutes in advance of the next meeting.

Secretary Matthew Stublefield stated that he would be happy to compile the minutes at the Senate's direction, but that the Senate needed to decide how they wanted the minutes formatted. Due to time constraints, the discussion was cut short, but it was agreed that minutes should be sent to the senators and then posted in draft format to the Staff Senate website a week or so later for general viewing in advance of the next Staff Senate meeting.

Workgroup Participation

Due to time constraints, no discussion occurred on this topic. Chairperson Michael Frizell encouraged senators to view the list of workgroups that need participation in the agenda, and Secretary Matthew Stublefield reminded the senate that the Staff Senate bylaws required attendance and workgroup participation of all senators.