August 4, 2005 Minutes

1. Call to Order - A regular meeting of the Staff Senate of Missouri State University was called to order at Plaster Student Union, Room 313 at 1:30 p.m.

2. Roll Call -

Present - Diana Garland, Steve Mills, Sara Clark, Marline Faherty, LaDonna Hansen, Barb Jones, Tami Sutton,Ben Boslaugh, Sherry Adams, Guy DeVault, Wendy Ferguson, Terrill Harvey, Phyllis Kenney, Sue Alvers, Veronica Adinegara, Earle Doman, Norm Griifith, Tara Horton, Dennis Perry

Absent - Carter Allen (SGA), Glen Fletcher, Rhonda Ridinger (Faculty Sentae), Darlene Bailey, David Liss, Allison Crocker, Jason Rhea

Guests - None

3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the open, regular meeting of June 2, 2005, and July 7, 2005 were approved with minor corrections.

4. Announcements -

Earle Doman reminded everyone that classes start August 22 with the new student convocation to be held at 2:00 on August 21st. Midnight Madness (name change celebration) is August 27th from 9 pm until midnight. The bookstore will be open at 10:30 pm to sell Missouri State items.

Sunday, August 28th is the first Missouri State athletic event. A volleyball match is scheduled for 1:00 pm

Ozarks Celebration Festival will be September 9 -11, 2005. Kickoff will be September 9, 2005 with a concert by Big Smith and Hogmolly at Strong Hall Amphitheater. The Ozarks
Celebration Festival coordinating committee is looking for volunteers.

5. Officers Report - Diana Garland stated that the Board of Governors met two weeks ago. Everyone must submit a written report prior to the meeting. The Senate's report is due to Greg Burris two weeks in advance of the BOG meeting to get on its agenda.

6. Old Business -

Because several questions have been asked concerning staff representation on the Senate, Diana gave a short on Staff Senate Structure. Representatives from the different classifications are decided by dividing the number of employees in each classification by the total number of full-time staff and multiplying by 20. Also appointed is one representative from each of the divisions. The senate has one non-voting member from the Faculty Senate and one non-voting member from Student Government. Due to the university's restructuring, two new division representatives will need to be appointed.

Diana announced that future meetings will include a small information session. Format changes will start at September's meeting with a presentation on the Provost model by either Dr. Jim Baker or Dr. Nietzel. October's meeting will include a small discussion on HB742 and higher education funding.

Diana reported that she and Ben Boslaugh were given several Staff Senate change suggestions from Dr. Nietzel and Paul Kincaid at their last meeting. Paul Kincaid advised that changing the meeting time from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm is a good idea. Dr. Nietzel proposed moving the change of officers and recruitment of new members to July 1 in order to be more consistent with other university organizations. After discussing about the suggested changes, the Senate decided to continue with the 1:30 meeting time; however, the Senate is willing to continue discussion about changing recruitment and officer rotation to July 1.

Diana noted that Dr. Nietzel agrees that the Staff Senate should have an office; however, he declined to provide support for a staff person for that office

A motion was made, seconded and approved to update the bylaws to reflect the increase in senate seats and requested that the bylaw committee reviews and revise the dates for recruitment and changing of officers.

Diana distributed a from Dr. Nietzel to the Staff Senate. The memo is Dr. Nietzel's initial reaction to key issues that the Staff Senate representatives presented at the first meeting with the President.

7. Committee Reports -

  • Public Relations Committee, Tara Horton-Chair - Tara Horton asked the Senate for their opinion on the new Missouri State mugs for the new employees. Tara had two mugs – a ceramic coffee mug and plastic mug that resembled the mug that is currently distributed. A motion was made, seconded and approved that Tara should order
    the plastic cups with the words "Missouri State" on the sides.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:
Sue Alvers
Staff Senate Secretary

Powerpoint presentation by Diana Garland, Chair
August 4, 2005

From President Michael T. Nietzel to Staff Senate
July 26, 2005

Staff Senate Solicitation Memo

From President Michael T. Nietzel to All Academic
and Non-Academic Administrators
August 4, 2005