April 1, 2010 Minutes

1. Call to Order - Konya Knackstedt called to order the regular meeting of Staff Senate at 1:30PM on April 1, 2010 in Plaster Student Union, 317.

2. Roll Call -

Present - Konya Knackstedt, Tabitha Haynes, Cindi Barnett, Sandy Arthur, John Avery, Donald Clark, Corbin Campbell, Marian Green, Nadine Jones, Charles Klarr, Cathy McFall, Janelle Melton, Erin Parrish by proxy (Ken Williams), Dennis Perry, Terry Plank, Teresa Steele, Jamie Trussell by proxy (Kelly Barnts), Kirk Whittington by proxy (Leonard McGownd), Dixie Williams, and Mary Ann Wood.

Absent - Debbie Branson, Debbie Casada, Mike Frizell, Kate Mendenhall, Dale Moore, Lynette Walker, Kyle Yates, Chris Polley, Christopher Herr

Guests - John Bollinger, Steve Mills, and Peggy Preston

3. Approval of Minutes – The minutes of the March 4, 2010 meeting were approved. A motion was made by Cathy McFall; 2nd by Nadine Jones and approved by all.

4. Guest: John Bollinger, Springfield Cardinals
John presented on the MSU Faculty and Staff Day at a Springfield Cardinals Game set for Sunday, June 27 @ 6:10pm. Tickets are $6 and will be available from Konya Knackstedt. There will be fireworks, the Springfield Symphony, kids can run the bases and ice cream. MSU can provide someone to sing the National Anthem and will throw the 1st pitch. If we have a video of faculty and staff, they will show it on the big screen before the game.

5. Old Business

  • Sick Day Pool – Kelly Barnts reported that the committee is in the final review stages. They will be meeting with the Human Resources Director.

6. New Business

  • Staff Senate Picnic – Dixie Williams reported that, to contain costs, an ice cream social is planned on Wed., May 26 from 11:30am-1:30pm, instead of a picnic. Attendees are encouraged to bring their lunch. The cost for ice cream and cobbler or brownies & hot fudge will be $2.50 per person with $.50 going to the staff scholarship fund. The event will be open to all faculty and staff.
  • Summer Olympics at Missouri State – Volunteers are still needed. The dates are May 26-28. Contact Ashley at 800-846-2682 or visit www.somo.org/summergames. Debbie Letterman (66206) can answer questions.
  • Presidential Search – Konya reported that the Staff Senate Executive Committee met with Bryan Hicks, staff representative on the Presidential Search Committee, on March 29. Bryan is the Associate Director of Athletics and has a background in Student Affairs. The Committee shared staff concerns. Bryan assured the Committee that he will represent staff and their concerns in the presidential search.
  • Public Relations – Konya reported on the need to purchase promotional items for new staff orientation. Coasters, key chains, note pads from printing services, and pens were discussed as possibilities.

7. Committee Reports

  • By Laws Committee – No report
  • Budget and Priorities – No report
  • Denim Days – No report
  • Executive Committee – Konya Knackstedt reported. Discussion included the following:
  1. West Plains Staff Senate - According to Dr. Nietzel, there is only one University Human Resources for all campuses. Any policies established in West Plains, however, may not be the same as those on the Springfield campus.
  2. Staff Senate Bylaws – Dr. Nietzel approved the revised bylaws and stated that they did not need BOG approval.
  3. Summer Leave – Dr. Nietzel stated that he would be sending out notice that he had approved two days for the upcoming summer.
  4. Summer Ice Cream Social – Dr. Nietzel agreed that partial funding from Staff Senate was appropriate.
  5. Faculty Retirement Incentive – Dr. Nietzel stated that the estimated savings was $1.08M.
  • Membership Committee – Cathy McFall reported. She asked everyone to encourage other staff to apply. Current staff senate members can also reapply for a second term.
  • Public Affairs - Tabitha Haynes reported that a date for the next adopt-a-street clean-up will be coming out soon.
  • Scholarship – No report

Other Committee Reports:

  • Faculty Senate Representation –Teresa Steele reported. The Presidential Search Committee has received several applications. The proposal for changes to the general education requirements failed.
  • Public Arts Committee – No report
  • Wyrick Commission – Teresa Steele reported. There are 5 proposals that students will vote on the week of April 5.


  • Budget Presentation to Faculty and Staff Senate- Dr. Nietzel will present April 20, 3:30-5:00, PSU 313. This will be a 30 min. presentation with a question and answer session.
  • Public Affairs Conference – Mary Ann Woods reported. This event will be held April 19-23. Dr. Nietzel has approved 2 hours release time for all employees to attend events.
  • University Recreation Center - Cindi Barnett reported. The Groundbreaking ceremony is set for Friday, April 16 @ 2pm at Kings & Madison. All senators are invited to attend.

Adjournment: Dixie Williams made a motion to adjourn at 2:30PM. The motion was seconded by Charles Klarr and approved by all present.

Next meeting: May 6, 2010 in PSU 317 – Please note location change!