March 4, 2010 Agenda

I. Call to Order

2. Roll Call of Staff Senate

a. Visitors

3. Approval of Minutes – February 2009

a. Discussion of President Nietzel’s visit

4. Guest: Kent Thomas - Emergency Preparedness Grant

5. Old Business

a. Sick Day Pool – Kelly Barnts

b. By Laws Revisions – Cathy McFall

1. Approval of Revisions

2. Need another person on membership committee

c. Long Range Planning Steering Committee – names forwarded to President

Michael Frizell, Tabitha Haynes, Konya Knackstedt, Dale Moore, Jamie Trussell

6. New Business

a. Announcement of new program Facilities Management – this could be beneficial to staff who work in this field and they would be able to use tuition fee waivers to further their education

b. Resolution from Faculty Senate and SGA regarding Presidential Search Committee

7. Committee Reports

By Laws Committee – Cathy McFall

Budget and Priorities – Konya Knackstedt, no report

Denim Days – Teresa Steele

Executive Committee – Konya Knackstedt, no meeting, no report

Membership Committee –

Public Affairs - Tabitha Haynes, no report

Public Relations – Konya Knackstedt

Scholarship – Corbin Campbell

Sick Day Bank – Kelly Barnts

Staff Activities – Dixie Williams

Website Administration – Tabitha Haynes, no report

Other Committee Reports:

Tobacco Policy Education Campaign – Tabitha Haynes

Faculty Senate Representation – Tabitha Haynes and Teresa Steele

Public Arts Committee – Marian Green

Wyrick Commission – Teresa Steele


Next meeting: April 1, 2010