November 5, 2009 Minutes

1. Call to Order - Konya Knackstedt called to order the regular meeting of Staff Senate at 1:33PM on November 5, 2009 in Plaster Student Union, 313.

2. Roll Call - Tabitha Haynes, Chair-elect, conducted roll call.

Present: Konya Knackstedt, Tabitha Haynes, Sandy Arthur, Debbie Casada, Donald Clark, Corbin Campbell, Mike Frizell, Marian Green, Nadine Jones, Charles Klarr, Kate Mendenhall by proxy (Crystal Vick), Cathy McFall, Janelle Melton, Dale Moore, Erin Parrish by proxy (Ken Williams), Teresa Steel by proxy (Peggy Preston), Jamie Trussell, Kirk Whittington, Mary Ann Wood, Christopher Herr

Absent: Cindi Barnett, John Avery, Debbie Branson, Lisa Langston, Dennis Perry, Terry Plank, Lynette Walker, Dixie Williams, Kyle Yates, Chris Polley (SGA)

Guests: Sharon Lopinot, Greenwood Lab School; Steve, Computer Services

3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the October 1, 2009 meeting were approved, as revised. Motion made by Cathy McFall; seconded by Marian Green; approved by all members present.

4. Guest - Dr. Rachelle Darabi - Public Affairs Mission

Dr. Darabi presented an overview of Public Affairs ( See handout. Highlights included:

-Public Affairs Conference – April 14-16, 2010

-2009-2010 Provost Fellow for Public Affairs – Dr. Mahua Barari Mitra

-Public Affairs Grants, Community Service Awards

-American Democracy Project

-E-Citizenship Research

5. Town Hall Meetings –

  • Budget & Priorities Committee feels it is necessary for Staff Senate to become active and involved.
  • Staff can email committee members with concerns or issues which can be presented to Dr. Nietzel at Executive Council meetings.
  • Dale Moore stated that Staff Senate is the mechanism to provide feedback to the administration. Staff Senate needs to take a leadership role.
  • Discussion on how to utilize additional $1.5m fall tuition. Suggestions included: Use toward budget deficiencies, put part to deficiencies and a one-time bonus to lower end staff
  • Committee members can report about what staff think, want, etc.
  • Sharon Lopinot suggested an email be sent to all staff asking them what they think should happen to excess funds

6. Old Business-

  • Staff Awards Breakfast – Friday, January 8, 8:00AM for 1st shift; 6:30am for 3rd shift, PSU Ballroom
    Last month we discussed ideas for this event, but when Konya went to talk to the committee the above decisions had already been made.
  • Konya Knackstedt nominated Mary Ann Wood as replacement for vacant position. Dale Moore 2nd the nomination. Approved by all.

7. Committee Reports

  • Scholarship Committee - Corbin Campbell presented a fundraising opportunity for the scholarship fund with Party Lite candles from 11/6-11/20/09. Cathy McFall stated that we would need to check with the Advertising & Solicitation Policy (Thomas Lane) to make sure it is OK to do this since it is not listed as a Staff Senate philanthropy. If approved, order forms will be sent through campus mail to all staff senators.
  • By Laws Revision Committee – Meeting next week to discuss revisions.
  • Denim Days – No report, check has not been sent as we are waiting on money transfers to come up with a total.
  • Executive Committee – 206 eligible for retirement, but retirement incentive bonus is not being offered to staff. No executive meeting in November.
  • Public Relations – Senators are needed to sign up for Human Resources new employee orientation for the upcoming months. The schedule will be emailed to everyone.

8. Other Committee Reports:

  • Faculty Senate Representation – Tabitha Haynes reported. Discussed creating a task force to look at the faculty incentives. Discussed budget issues.
  • Wyrick Commission – No report. Cathy McFall mentioned that the PSU theatre projector was a Wyrick proposal that would be installed in January.

9. Announcements around Campus:

  • Donald Clark, new Director of Public Safety, is not the current Missouri State employee.
  • Staff Senate Archives – Tabitha Haynes is putting links on the website to the archives.
  • News-Leader article – Sharon Lopinot brought up issues about editorial. She asked if Staff Senate was going to respond to the President and let him know how much those days are appreciated. It was decided that there would be no response since it was an editorial.
  • Town Hall Meetings - Corbin Campbell would like to spend time talking about the meetings because it affects staff. He would like to invite President Nietzel to one of the meetings. Konya Knackstedt will put discussion on the December agenda.
  • Cathy McFall stated that staff who teach IDS 110 get additional pay on top of their regular salary. Administrators who teach, do so as part of their job with no extra pay. Why shouldn’t staff be teaching as part of their job? Mike Frizell stated that it would be more difficult to get people to teach.

10. Adjournment - A motion to adjourn was made by Mike Frizell and seconded by Charles Klarr.

Reminder: Bring snacks to the December meeting.

Next meeting: December 3, 2009, 1:30PM; PSU 313

Submitted by Tabitha Haynes