August 6, 2009 Minutes

1. Call to order - Konya Knackstedt called to order the regular meeting of Staff Senate at 1:30PM on August 6, 2009 in Plaster Student Union, 313.

2. Roll Call - Cindi Barnett conducted roll call.

Present: Konya Knackstedt, Tabitha Haynes, Cindi Barnett, Sandy Arthur, Debbie Branson, Debbie Casada, Donald Clark, Corbin Campbell, Marian Green, Barbara Jones, Nadine Jones, Charles Klarr, Cathy McFall, Janelle Melton, Dale Moore, Erin Parrish, Dennis Perry, Teresa Steele, Jamie Trussell, Lynette Walker by proxy (Connie DeGreere), Dixie Williams, Kyle Yates by proxy (Joan Newman), Chris Polley by proxy (Kristen Sanocki), Christopher Herr

Absent: John Avery, Troy Black, Michael Frizell, Sue McCrory, Lisa Langston, Terry Plank

Guests: Kelly Barnts, Dana Popp, Ken McClure, Norm Griffith

3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the July 9, 2009 meeting were approved as corrected. Motion made by Dixie Williams, seconded by Dale Moore. Approved by all members.

4. Old Business

  • Approval of Bylaw Revisions – Motion made by Dale Moore to approve, seconded by Charles Klarr. Approved by all. The next step is to send to Dr. Nietzel for approval.

5. New Business

  • Parliamentarian – Sandy Arthur will serve as non-voting Staff Senate member
  • Public Arts Committee – Ken McClure explained that this committee is a sub-committee of the University Master Planning Committee. Marian Green will serve as Staff Senate representative.
  • Wyrick Commission – Teresa Steele will serve as Staff Senate representative

6. Committee Reports - Konya Knackstedt reminded everyone that according to the bylaws, senators are required to be a member of at least two committees per term and asked everyone to sign up after the meeting.

  • By Laws Revision –Revised Bylaws were approved today by Staff Senate and now need President Nietzel’s approval.
  • Budget and Priorities – Konya Knackstedt reported. This committee has not met yet.
  • Executive Committee – Konya Knackstedt reported. The executive committee met with President Nietzel on July 15, 2009. Items discussed included: 1) Staff Senate Bylaws - would be approved at the next Staff Senate meeting with minor changes, 2) Staff Excellence Awards – President Nietzel agreed to: a) Add a Staff Senate representative to the committee. Casey Comoroski, Past-Chair of Staff Senate has agreed to serve, b) Notify nominees so they will attend the program, c) Request highlighting winner’s achievements at the program, 3) Smoke Free Campus-President Nietzel will form a University-wide Advisory Committee. Charge: 1) Comment on making revisions to current public buildings on campus, 2) Address the Residence Life policy, 3) Create a long-range plan for campus, 4) All Staff Luncheon-Staff Senate asked about reducing the number of awards to assist with funding the staff luncheon. President Nietzel did not want to reduce the number of awards.
  • Faculty Senate Representation – Tabitha Haynes and Teresa Steele will represent Staff Senate.
  • Smoke Free Campus – Tabitha Haynes reported. The Staff Senate committee will be dissolved as a University-wide committee has been formed by President Nietzel. Members include representatives from across the campus. The new committee will be looking at moving towards a smoke free campus.
  • Staff Activities – Dixie Williams reported. This committee is responsible for the staff picnic and Tent Theater. The reported that approximately 140 attended the staff picnic in June 2009. This number was down from 2008. They plan to meet soon.
  • Public Affairs - Tabitha Haynes reported. 1) Public Affairs Week (PAW)-September 14-17, 2009. Staff Senate will assist with the canned food drive for the Ozarks Food Harvest, 2) Adopt-A-Street- This is a commitment to clean 3 times per year. The application has been submitted for either Cherry Street (National to Glenstone) or Fremont (Seminole to Sunshine), 3) Public Affairs Conference-Dr. Darabi will present at the November Staff Senate meeting.
  • Public Relations – Konya Knackstedt reported. Currently there is no chair. Konya mentioned that we do need to order new employee mugs and the brochure. Discussion followed with the suggestion that we look at other items for new staff. Konya will coordinate with Debbie Branson. A motion was made by Jamie Trussell and seconded by Dixie Williams to discontinue printing brochures. Approved by all. A request was made for senators to volunteer to greet new staff during orientation on Mondays. A sign-up form will be emailed to senators.
  • Scholarship – Barbara Jones reported. Donald Clark will be added to the committee. They will be working on a cook book to raise funds for the scholarships. Plans are to have them ready to sell for the holidays.
  • Website Administration – Tabitha Haynes reported. Staff Senate is now on Facebook, Twitter, and has a blog. All agendas, minutes, and other information will now be available at the Staff Senate website. Which has been updated.

7. Other Committee Reports – No reports at this time.

8. Announcements – Campus Events

  • Ozarks Celebration Festival–September 12-13, 2009 – Barbara Jones reported. The theme is Bells, Blue Grass and Barbeque. They are looking for volunteers to assist. There will be information luncheon on August 11 at 11:30AM in PSU 400. All are welcome.
  • Homecoming–October 30-31, 2009 - Debbie Branson reported. The theme is Ultimate Adventure. They are looking for Special Events and need information by mid-August. More information can be found on the MSU Alumni website.
  • Legacy Day – August 28, 2009 - Jamie Trussell reported. Legacy Day is the celebration of the name change to Missouri State University and a celebration of Missouri State’s rich traditions, current endeavors and promising future. There will be a free picnic for students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends and their families from 5-7PM in the North Mall (by the Bear) and entertainment with a special announcement from President Nietzel at 6PM.
  • University Recreation Center - Cindi Barnett reported. Bid documents should be out in January/February 2010 with ground breaking in March/April 2010. The anticipated opening is Fall 2011.

9. PICTURES – Stay for Staff Senate website pictures or email one to Tabitha.

Next meeting: Thursday, September 3, 1:30PM, PSU 313

Minutes submitted by Cindi Barnett