September 3, 2009 Minutes

1. Call to Order - Konya Knackstedt called to order the regular meeting of Staff Senate at 1:30PM on September 3, 2009 in Plaster Student Union, 313.

2. Roll Call - Cindi Barnett, Secretary, conducted roll call.

Present: Konya Knackstedt, Tabitha Haynes, Cindi Barnett, Sandy Arthur, Debbie Casada, Corbin Campbell, Mike Frizell, Nadine Jones, Charles Klarr, Lisa Langston, Cathy McFall, Janelle Melton, Dale Moore, Erin Parrish, Dennis Perry, Terry Plank, Teresa Steele, Jamie Trussell, Lynette Walker, Kirk Whittington, Dixie Williams, Kyle Yates, Chris Polley, Christopher Herr

Absent: Debbie Branson, Donald Clark, Marian Green, Barbara Jones

Guests: Peggy Preston (College of Education), Megan Hammers (PAW Chair), Julie Dubinsky (Human Resources), Paula Wilhelm (Human Resources)

3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the August 6, 2009 meeting were approved as corrected. Motion made by Terry Plank, seconded by Charles Klarr. Approved by all members.

4. Welcome and Introduction of New Senators - Konya welcomed Kirk Whittington, replacement for Troy Black. Sue McCrory has resigned; and currently there is no replacement.

5. Guest: Megan Hammer – Chair of Public Affairs Week Committee

Megan invited all to participate in PAW from September 14-17 focusing on the University theme of Evolving Economic Realities. There is a link to the schedule on the main University homepage.

6. Old Business

  • Adopt-a-Street- Staff Senate has received an official certificate from the City of Springfield for adopting Cherry Street between National and Glenstone. Volunteers are needed to clean. Volunteers can be anyone and do not have to be staff senate or university employees. Family members, including children, may volunteer. Tabitha Haynes will compile a list of dates for clean up soon.

7. New Business

  • Bus Service - Staff Senate received an email requesting bus service for commuters in outlying areas to cut down on cars/emissions. Someone also suggested car pooling. This issue has been discussed before, but no viable solution has been found.
  • Sick Leave Policy – Staff Senate received an email asking about leave if ill with the H1N1 virus since we have been asked by the University to stay home. According to Julie Dubinsky, Human Resources, employees may use their sick leave and/or vacation. After that is expended, they will need to take leave without pay.

8. Committee Reports

  • ByLaws Revision Committee –Lynette Walker, Chair. No report. Cathy McFall brought up some questions about the revisions. These will be addressed and represented at the next meeting.
  • Budget and Priorities – Konya Knackstedt, Chair. No report.
  • Denim Days – Teresa Steele, Chair reported. Dale Moore has joined this committee.
  • Sun., September 27 – 5K Run at 4PM
  • Mon., September 28 – Denim Days Luncheon in the PSU from 11AM-1PM. Cost is $6. $3 from each meal will be donated to Denim Days by Sodexho.
  • Fri., October 2 - Denim Days -$5 donation will allow University employees to wear blue jeans.
  • Executive Committee – Konya Knackstedt reported. Meeting cancelled.
  • Faculty Senate Representation – Tabitha Haynes and Teresa Steele, Co-Chairs. No report.
  • Staff Activities – Dixie Williams, Chair. No report.
  • Public Affairs - Tabitha Haynes reported.
  • Public Affairs Week (9/14-17) - Staff Senate will assist with the canned food drive. A reminder will be emailed to all staff.
  • Public Relations – Konya Knackstedt reported. Currently there are enough Staff Senate promotional mugs to last through the end of the year. New items will not be ordered until 2010.
  • Scholarship – Barbara Jones, Chair. No report.
  • Website Administration – Tabitha Haynes, Chair. No report.

9. Other Committee Reports

  • Smoke Free Campus Advisory Committee – Tabitha Haynes reported. The University-wide Task Force has had two meetings and mainly discussed previous research by University groups. Focus groups will be meeting in September to discuss the policy. Recommendations will be made to the University by 12/31/2009.
  • Public Arts Committee - Marian Green, Chair. No report.
  • Wyrick Commission - Theresa Steele, Chair. No report.

10. Staff Awards Committee - Julie Dubinsky, guest from Human Resources and representing the Staff Awards Committee asked for suggestions on how to proceed since there will be no luncheon this year. Konya Knackstedt volunteered to work with Julie.

11. Announcements

  • 9/29/09-12 noon; PSU Theater –President Nietzel will deliver his annual campus address.

12. Adjournment

A motion was made by Dale Moore and seconded by Charles Klarr. Approved by all.

Next meeting: October 1, 2009, 1:30PM, PSU 313

Minutes submitted by Cindi Barnett