August 7, 2008

I. Call to Order - Meeting called to order on August 7, 2008 at 1:30PM by Staff Senate Chair Casey Comoroski

II. Roll Call

Casey Comoroski Konya Knackstedt Lenord McGownd Cathy McFall Cindi Barnett
Ron Boaz Kelly Barnts Debbie Branson Corbin Campbell Donald Clark
Patrick Day SuzAnn Ferguson Marian Green Norm Griffith Tabitha Haynes
Lisa Langston Steve Lowery Terry Plank Teresa Steele Jaimie Trussell
Lynette Walker Christopher Herr
John Avery Troy Black Sue McCrory Janelle Melton Dennis Perry
Orlando Hodges

III. Approval of Minutes - There was some confusion over the June minutes and they were not approved at this meeting.

IV. Meeting

Picnic - The second annual Staff Senate All-Staff Picnic was a GREAT success! Over 200 people were in attendance. Donations were accepted at the event for the Staff Senate Scholarship being established (more details to follow) and over $55 was collected.

Staff Senate Scholarship - After lengthy discussion, it was determined that an Ad-Hoc Committee needed to be formed to examine the criteria and information associated with the Scholarship. Jaimie Trussell was appointed the Chair of the committee and should be reporting back to the Senate during the September meeting.

Work-Life Taskforce - Dale Moore, Chair for the Work-Life Taskforce, was unable to attend the meeting. Konya Knackstedt gave the report. She reported that all the data had been collected and analyzed. They were hoping to have a proposal to the President around the first of September. They had identified 4 or 5 key issues to advocate for an one of those was increasing the credit hours currently given to all employees.

Committees - Hopefully the committee membership will be updated soon. Tabitha Haynes has stepped up and is helping out with the updating and maintenance of the Staff Senate website.

Initiatives - Casey brought up several different issues for the Senate to consider for the upcoming year. Below is a listing of those issues:

  • Smoke-free campus
  • Reduced meal plan for faculty and staff

These issues and more will be examined during the upcoming year.

Lite the Nite - Casey brought it to the attention of the Senate that Bass Pro is sponsoring this event on October 4 to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma. Casey will be sending out and email to the staff about this event and will be talking to Sheila Bowen, Staff Wellness Coordinator.

Excellence in Community Service - It was mentioned that this event was coming up. The Staff Senate is involved in the publicity and mass email for this award. It was determined that we needed to do more than we had in the past and that faculty members should receive this information as well.

Denim Day - Cathy McFall is chairing this event again this year. She is looking for people to volunteer. Contact Cathy for more information. Cathy and her committee last year took the event to historic heights and she plans to do the same this year.

Move-In Days - The Residence Life staff is looking for people to help move the new residents into the halls. This is an event that needs a lot of strong hands and backs. Even Dr. Nietzel helps out for this event. If you are interested in volunteering, let Lenord know.

Staff Senate Office - Our new office is in Carrington 439. Make sure you call before you come over, we may not be there...wait, we don't have a phone. Just email us!

Submitted by Lenord McGownd