May 7, 2009 Minutes

1. Call to Order - Casey Comoroski called to order the regular meeting of Staff Senate at 1:30PM on May 7, 2009 in Plaster Student Union, 313.

2. Roll Call - Lenord McGownd conducted roll call.

Present: Casey Comoroski, Konya Knackstedt, Lenord McGownd, Cathy McFall, Cindi Barnett, Corbin Campbell, Pat Day, Marian Green, Norm Griffith, Tabitha Haynes, Lisa Langston, Steve Lowery, Janelle Melton, Dennis Perry, Terry Plank, Teresa Steele, Jaimie Trussell, Christopher Herr

Absent: John Avery, Kelly Barnts, Troy Black, Debbie Branson, Donald Clark, Sue McCrory, Lynette Walker

Guests: None

3. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the March 5, 2009 minutes were approved.

4. New Business

  • SMASH presented the results from the Clean Bear survey. Please refer to the hand out for details. The majority of respondents support a tobacco free campus. Most of the people agreed that our current policy is partially effective. Finally, most of the people taking the survey agreed that secondhand smoke has negative effects.
  • The agenda was amended to include Denise Baumann to speak about adding a diversity component to the ADP used in staff evaluations. A motion was made by Cindi Barnett, seconded by Lisa Langston. Denise indicated that a diversity element was being added to several areas of the University’s curriculum. A University-wide committee is looking into the possibility of adding 3 competencies to the ADP for employee evaluations. These competencies are: Ethical Leadership – with a goal of employees being able to articulate their value systems, act ethically within the context of a democratic society, and demonstrate engaged and principled leadership; Cultural Competence – with a goal of employees being able to recognize and respect multiple perspectives and cultures; Community Engagement – with two goals of the employee recognizing the importance of contributing their knowledge and experiences to their own community and the broader society and recognizing the importance of scientific principles in the generation of sound public policy. Several senators spoke against having this added to the ADP.
  • It was stressed that we needed to recruit people to fill the empty spaces for the upcoming Senate. There are 12 openings and the deadline to apply is May 11. Please encourage everyone who is interested to apply.
  • The staff picnic is June 4, 2009, 11:30-1:30. The location is in the Corral area behind the Student Union, but in case of rain the Ballroom in the Union has been reserved as well. We will have the same menu as last year. The cost this year will be $6.50. Debbie Branson and the committee has collected door prizes, so encourage people to attend. We will be recognizing the outgoing and incoming Senators at the picnic. Several volunteers are needed to work in 30 minute to 1 hour shifts. Email Debbie Branson if you can help out.
  • Staff Appreciation night at Tent Theatre this year is June 9. The performance is Alter Boyz. Volunteers are needed to help distribute tickets. Tabitha and Cathy McFall will be heading the operation. A reception will be held before the show from 7pm-8pm for all staff members who attend. This year there will be a limit of two tickets per household.
  • It was reported that the staff meal plan implemented earlier this year has been extended to be a year round meal plan. During the summer the Blair-Shannon Dining Center is available for staff to use.
  • The summer leave policy was re-visited. The policy will be administered upon the discretion of the Administrative Council and the number of days can range from 0-4. This summer all full-time employees are allowed 2 extra days of leave. The leave cannot be taken in increments of less than 4 hours.
  • Cindi Barnett gave a report about the Rec Center. It is planned to be opened the fall 2011 semester. At this time, there will be no pool due to the cost of adding it. It will be available to faculty and staff at a price similar to what students have paid, but the exact price is unknown at this time. For more information about the Center and its progress, go to:

5. Adjournment - Casey Comoroski adjourned the meeting and was seconded by .

Minutes submitted by Lenord McGownd

Minutes approved July 9, 2009