June 5, 2008 Minutes

1. Call to Order - Casey Comoroski called the meeting to order at 1:30PM.

2. Roll Call

Present: Casey Comoroski, Cathy McFall, Norm Griffith, Cindi Barnett, Konya Knackstedt, Steve Lowery, Debbie Branson, Donald Clark, Patrick Day, Sheila Morris, Dennis Perry, SuzAnn Ferguson, Marian Green, Rebecca Woodward

Absent: Kelly Barnts, Lenord McGownd, John Avery, Ron Boaz, Patrick Byers, Roger Dulcos, Sue McCrory, Emily McGee, Dale Moore, Orlando Hodges

Guests: Jan Sudholt, Beth Bruner

3. Approval of the Minutes - The May 2008 minutes were approved by Norm Griffith and seconded by Cindi Barnett

4. Old Business

  • Casey Comoroski, Staff Senate Chair elect called for a report on membership: Shelia Morris reported that Kelly Barnts – Staff Senate Chair, Shelia Morris – Membership, and Cathy McFall –Parliamentarian met on May 15th to draw new senators for the 2008‐09 academic year. Those drawn were: Tabitha Haynes, Lisa Langston, Corbin Campbell, Janelle Melton, Clara Walker, Terry Plank, Troy Black, Teresa Steele and Jaime Tressel. A motion was made by Shelia Morris to accept the new senators for the 2008‐09 year, it was seconded by another senator – motion passed.
  • Staff Senate Scholarship – Wendy Ferguson spoke regarding developing an endowed scholarship fund, current requirement is $10,000 to endow a scholarship. The Senate would have 10 years to fund the scholarship monies with a $1,000 minimum per year to be raised and placed in the fund. No awards would be granted until the scholarship is endowed. There is also an option to create a restricted account which would work much like a checking account where portions of funds raised placed into an endowed scholarship. Specific criteria should be set for the award and should be set up through the financial aid office. Senate will do some additional research regarding the type of fund to establish. Casey Comoroski – Chair elect will draft criteria and present at the next scheduled meeting in August.
  • Debbie Branson stated that Staff Senate will hold its picnic for staff on July 10, 2008 which will be in place of the regularly scheduled meeting. Debbie Branson, Chair and the subcommittee members consisting of Pat Day, Kelly Barnts, and Suzanne Ferguson are working to get door prizes and finalize the meal. Debbie reported that the program will include welcoming new senators and recognition of out‐going senators. Flyers will be sent to senators and ask that senators help get the word out to staff members promoting the event. To be held in the corral between Carrington Hall and the Plaster Student Union. .Sodexo will provide a chef and a grill for on site grilling. The cost will be $ 6.50 with spare change going towards the staff senate scholarship fund. Should it rain, the picnic will be moved to PSU East Ballroom. Chair elect, Casey Comoroski recommended that Staff Senate make the meal cost $5.50 and Staff Senate would cover the extra charge with Sodexo a savings from having the Staff phone disconnected. A motion was made by Konya and seconded by Pat Day.

5. New Business

  • Konya stated that the staff senate office was being relocated to Carrington and that since we had a phone line and no one was ever there to man the phone that it be disconnected saving money for the budget. Motion to disconnect the phone was made by Konya and seconded by Debbie Branson.

6. Committee Reports

  • Cindi Barnett updated the senators on the progress of the new Recreation Center. Cindi discussed the plans for the physical education department to move and the planning process. The University received 14 proposals and it has been narrowed to 3 architectural firms. The Recreation Center is scheduled to be completed in 2011 as it will take some time for the Design
    and plans to be put into place. Faculty and staff will be permitted to use facility for a fee each semester or by the year. Students are already funding the new recreation center through student fees.

7. Announcements

  • Casey reported the Senate Executive Board recently had a meeting with Dr. Nietzel. Some of the topics discussed were the University Website and the Recreation Center and its feasibility study. Casey also reported that Staff Senate will not take on Legacy Day.
  • Casey called for a report on the Staff Appreciation event at Tent Theater scheduled for June 10, 2008. Pat Day reported
    that Kelly Barnts – Staff Senate Chair, Pat Day – Senator, and Cathy McFall – Parliamentarian met with Sarah Clark on May 15th to formulate a plan for ticket distribution and seat assignments. The committee reported the success of a mass e‐mail sent to all staff announcing the event; there were 335 responses with a total of 93 tickets picked up by staff. Pat Day and Cathy McFall released the reserved tickets on June 4 at the Plaster Student Union those on the waiting list have been contacted to pick up available tickets at the Plaster Student Union Information Desk.
  • Casey Comoroski, Staff Senate Chair elect announced the new Chair Elect, for 2008‐2009 will be Konya Knackstedt . Konya accepted the appointment.

8. Adjournment - Casey called for dismissal of the meeting. Cindi Barnett made a motion to adjourn and Konya second.