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Thomas Nance

Thomas Nance

Nance, driven by his parents advice to pursue goals without fear of failure, takes on CRNA school.

Nurse Anesthesia offers professional autonomy and an unmatched level of rapport and trust with patients.

Thomas graduated in 2015 with his associate degree in Nursing from Northwest Arkansas Community College in Bentonville, Arkansas. In 2017, he went on to receive his bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Arkansas, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Thomas spent his nursing career in the cardiovascular operating room (two years), medical intensive care unit (1 year), and the cardiovascular intensive care unit (1 year).

Initially, Thomas wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and mother. Unfortunately, his father suffered from chronic health conditions and spent most of his last few years in and out of hospital settings. Recognizing that his father required frequent medical attention, Thomas decided he would focus his career aspirations on a field that would allow him to care for his father, while also affording him the ability to help others who suffer from similar conditions. Through the opportunities presented to Thomas as a circulating nurse, he discovered the field of anesthesia. He quickly realized that by furthering his education and pursuing a degree in nurse anesthesia, he would be able to fulfill his career and educational aspirations, attain a high degree of professional autonomy, and build an unmatched level of rapport and trust with his patients.

Many people were instrumental in Thomas’s decision to become a CRNA. First, his father and mother have always provided him the tools and knowledge to pursue his goals without fear of failure. Both of Thomas’s parents have since passed, but their continued support and motivation throughout his educational journey inspired him to continue reaching for his goals. Thomas’s little brother, Elliot, has also been instrumental in his decision to become a CRNA. “Of course, as a big brother, it has always been my goal to be a role model for Elliot. It is important for me to show him that no matter the circumstances of life, with hard work, dedication, and perseverance - anything is possible.” Thomas’s wife, Natalie, was also instrumental in his decision in becoming a CRNA. Thomas and Natalie began dating early in their high school years and recently got married in March of 2019. Throughout their relationship, she has pushed him to fulfill his aspirations with unconditional love and support. Thomas has made it his goal to provide his wife and their future family with the life they deserve.

In his spare, time he enjoys activities such as hunting, mountain biking, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors with friends, family, and pup, Archie.

Thomas would like to tell future DNAP students that “ entering this program is a privilege, and it is an opportunity that has not been given to most. It will be one of the most challenging journeys you have embarked on yet and will push you to your limits. However, remember the reasons you are here, do not lose sight of your end goal, and take each day as it comes! Always take the time to care for yourself and spend time with those who are important to you – this is their sacrifice too, so remember to thank them. Study hard and utilize your education wisely, your future patients depend on you!”