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Kelsi Land

Kelsi Land

Home economics close to home

Home economics classes at Dora High School helped Kelsi Land, a MSU-West Plains elementary education major, discover her talents.

"I am a great cook and can sew and I think having those skills are hard to find now, especially in people my age...I would have never known I was good at all that stuff unless I was in those classes." 

Kelsi, who lives on her family's cattle and horse farm, chose Missouri State West Plains because it allowed her to pursue higher education close to home. "The Missouri State Outreach program has helped me achieve my educational goals by allowing me to stay here at home and get an education and not have to drive to Springfield 3-4 days a week." 

After Kelsi completes her bachelor's degree in elementary education, she plans on pursuing a master's degree in counseling, and looks forward to having her own home economics classroom.