Missouri State University
Jordan Ford

Jordan Ford

  • Major: Construction Management
  • Hometown: Edmond, Oklahoma
  • Activities: Honors College; Board of Governors scholarship recipient; Construction Club; Tri Sigma sorority; Campus ministry; Habitat for Humanity

Her major shows her personality

Jordan Ford has wanted to be a homebuilder since she was young.

“You work on something tangible, and when it’s done you can drive by it whenever you want.”

She also wanted her degree to have an emphasis in historical restoration, “in case I want to restore state capitol buildings.”

Only problem: Missouri State University didn’t have that emphasis — which turned out to be no problem after all. Ford talked with her advisor and they worked out a plan.

That shows her personality.

“I am a hardcore optimist in every way.”

She said it also shows Missouri State’s personality.

“There’s been a lot of encouragement that if I work hard for something, I can achieve it.”

Getting involved, going to Uganda

Jordan Ford

Ford is an officer in Construction Club, which has social and networking events with  industry professionals.

“It’s great to casually meet them. It seems intimidating at the time, but it makes it a lot easier to approach them later confidently, shake their hand and, essentially, ask for a job.”

She also volunteers, most often at a store that accepts donated building materials for the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity.

And she has studied in Uganda. She has a theatre and dance background, and went with a theatre class.

“We were with a group of college-aged people called the Ndere Troupe,” she said. “The way they think about theater in their culture is very different, with more audience participation. They taught us some things, and we taught them some things.”

That experience will help her in her career.

“In construction, they like to joke that every day there’s a new challenge; you’ll never be bored. Being around a completely new culture helped me flex that brain muscle to interact with people who were really different than me.”

Jordan Ford

Landing an internship in Washington, D.C.

Now, “I have the travel bug like nobody’s business,” she said.

“I asked my professors about employers around Washington, D.C., and they told me a few to pursue, and now I have a construction internship there. I am so pumped. I have never been to the East Coast.”

She said that story shows how much people enjoy being at MSU.

“I think a lot of students feel that if they have a goal, then people here will find a way to make that work. People are not shy about saying that they love it here, which makes me love it here even more.”