Missouri State University
Hailey Whipp

Hailey Whipp

Sports fan has a major that can 'take (her) anywhere'

Hailey Whipp is a huge sports fan who hopes to have a career that combines her interest in business with rooting for her teams. 

The teachers at her high school recommended the College of Business at Missouri State, and when she visited she felt at home.

Learning how to best promote her teams

“I feel like people are very genuine here, whether they know you or not.”

Whipp can see herself working in advertising for a sports team.

Her favorite? The Kansas City Royals. She was raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and also loves Packers football.

She is also drawn to designing billboards for a career. She knows her degree will open lots of doors.

“Honestly, it could take me so many different places.”

She’s especially inspired by an instructor in the marketing department, Carly Pierson.

“I want to take every class with her. She’s so devoted to advertising,” Whipp said.

Understanding and valuing others

Hailey Whipp

Whipp volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club and helps children with art projects.

On campus, she has befriended international students and classmates if she sees them struggling with cultural and language barriers.

“I try to help them feel like they’re part of what we’re doing.”

Cultural competence comes easily to her.

“My mom is from Korea, and my dad’s white, so I’ve always been brought up to be accepting of everyone.”

She cares about what she studies, too.

“I have a lot of passion for what I’m majoring in because I definitely picked something that I really enjoy. My major could take me anywhere.”