Missouri State University
Andy Bennett

Andy Bennett

His study abroad experience unveiled his true passion

Andy Bennett planned to study computer science or marketing. 

Studying abroad helped him discover a new career interest: forecasting fashion trends.

Finding a calling in London

"I literally went to a different country by myself. I went to Paris by myself. I grew so much more independent there.”

Bennett pursued a chance to study in London.

“It was such an eye-opening experience, and it just threw you out in situations that you would never be in while in the United States or by yourself.”

Bennett, who says he is an introvert, gained new confidence from the experience.

“Before, I was reliant on friends. I wouldn’t really go out and do things on my own,” he said. 

While people watching, he had an epiphany.

“London is a fashion-forward city. I would always look at what people wore. I liked analyzing their outfits. I made some friends over there who are in fashion. I even made a friend who runs his own boutique online.”

He now knew what he wanted to do.

Learning the skills at MSU

Andy Bennett

As soon as he returned to Missouri State’s campus, he changed his major to fashion merchandising and design.

In his first semester, he learned to create patterns and work with colors and textures  with Photoshop.

Then, he studied how designs work with different types of fabric. 

“I got to work hands-on and do something creative that I actually want to do.”

He hopes to return to London for an internship in summer 2018 and learn how to be a buyer for department stores.

He also wants to study styles and predict trends in fashion.

Eventually, he hopes to work and live in London.

He’s ready to keep trying new things and inspire others along the way.

“To be a good leader you can’t just close off your mind and be like, ‘my way is the best way and I don’t want to listen to anybody else.’ You need to be open to new ideas.”