Missouri State University
Alexis Wallace

Alexis Wallace

  • Major: Risk Management and Insurance
  • Second Major: Spanish
  • Hometown: Mount Vernon, Mo.
  • Activities: Gamma lota Sigma (co-ed fraternity for students in insurance, risk management and actuarial science)

She's had a head start on professional networking

Alexis Wallace wants to be a broker, helping companies manage risks and insurance claims.

At MSU, she has found relationships that can help her reach her goals.

“I have had some amazing professors, and you just learn so much,” she said. “They teach you life skills and what leadership means. They say you are capable of becoming anything you want to be. You’re capable of reaching any dream or goal you want. That’s inspired me.”

Meeting many possible employers

"There’s nothing holding me back but myself, so that makes me optimistic that I can be great and do great things.”

One highlight for her: Her risk management student group, Gamma Iota Sigma, partners with the area professional chapter of the Risk Insurance Management Society.

They attend meetings and network. The group also takes a trip each fall to the international Gamma Iota Sigma conference.

“You can meet many different employers. They have a career fair and workshops.”

Then, in the spring, the group goes to either St. Louis or Kansas City to visit brokers and insurance companies.

She’s already had one internship, with O’Reilly Auto Parts, and is likely to have another.

Wallace said her experiences at Missouri State have made her more self-aware.

“I’ve realized my potential, that I can do anything that I want to do. I’ve become more adult and more self-reliant.”

Seeing kindness and optimism on campus

Alexis Wallace

Wallace also participates in some volunteer service, and for her, putting MSU’s public affairs mission into practice is as easy as being considerate.

“Just do things like open the door for someone if they’re right behind you. I make a point to be kind and say hello to people.”

After all, she said, life will throw a million things at you.

“But what makes me optimistic about my future after my time at MSU is that I know now that can always get back up, continue and strive. I can keep on going."