Missouri State University
Bryan Taylor

Bryan Taylor

Nurse Anesthesia provides challenge and feeds into adrenaline junkie habits

Little did he know that a bet made with his older brother would set him on a course to where he is today: training to be a CRNA.

Bryan Taylor graduated from Southwest Missouri State University in 1999 with his first degree in Music Education. While attending school for his music degree, Taylor made a bet with his older brother. In an effort to encourage his brother to further his training from an EMT to a paramedic, Taylor’s bet was that he would get his EMT license if his brother would move forward to get his paramedic license. Taylor quickly fell in love with the medical profession and obtained his EMT license in 1997. Little did he know, that bet he had made, would set him on a course to where he is today: training to be a CRNA.

By the fall of 1999, Taylor had started paramedic school. In the fall of 2001, Taylor joined the Navy Reserves as a Corpsman. For the next eight years he served as a Corpsman instructor and Instructor trainer. He became a flight paramedic in October 2005 and immediately began working on his nursing degree. Taylor received his Bachelor of Science in Nursing in May 2009. After that, he worked in Neuro Trauma ICU while transitioning over to a flight nurse. “I knew I didn’t want to stop there and wanted to advance my nursing career,” Taylor said. “Nurse Anesthesia seemed to be the most logical choice by giving me a challenge yet feeding into my adrenaline junkie habits.”

“Having this DNAP (Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice) degree will not only mean that I am at the top of my profession, but will also serve as a constant reminder of where I started and how far I have come,” Taylor said. He said this degree will also remind him to be grateful for the people that have helped him get where he is. “It will remind me that this is only the beginning of a lifetime of learning to master the art of anesthesia,” Taylor said.

In his spare time, Taylor enjoys hobbies of traveling, being outdoors and anything to do with water such as SCUBA diving, boating, and sailing.