Missouri State University

Loretha Cain

  • Broadcast journalism

Alumnus mixed enjoyment and passion to pursue a career

She earned her degree with passion for her industries and some help along the way.

Choosing a pathLoretha Cain

When it came time to decide which career she was going to pursue, Cain knew she liked being on television. She also liked the idea of being a family therapist. What to do?

Cain worked as an intern producer assistant at KOLR10, Springfield’s CBS affiliate station. There, she got to know Shannon Fox, a licensed family therapist, who also worked as a television show host.

It was at that moment, Cain said, that everything became crystal clear. There’s time to do both.

“That opportunity gave me the chance to realize that I could be a full-time family therapist and a part-time television host,” Cain said. “Being a broadcast journalism major and minoring in child and family development, I’m able to mix my enjoyment and my passion together to pursue my career.”

The mentor and the protégé

But Fox wasn’t the only influence on Cain during her time at Missouri State. She also received career help and advice from TaJuan Wilson, director of TRIO Support Services. TRIO assists Missouri State students with study skills, tutoring and academic advising.

The opportunity to have a mentor never presented itself in high school, Cain said, so the chance to work with and learn from Wilson was a welcome sight.

“It’s good to have that person who understands your situation and who you’re able to get guidance from in both personal and professional life,” Cain said.