Missouri State University

Caitlin Polley

Hands-on opportunities allow future teacher to take the next step

After picking up added responsibility in her junior year, Caitlin Polley thrived under the pressure.

Caitlin Polley

As a junior, Caitlin Polley took on lots of responsibility: three jobs in the fall, two jobs in the spring and being a social chair for her sorority Gamma Alpha Lambda. She was also enrolled in more credit hours than ever before, but it really showed her what she was capable of.

Finding meaning in her work

Caitlin has always been passionate about education, and now she has selected to work with special education students. During her busy junior year, she started getting more hands-on opportunities in the classroom.

“At practicum, I have 25 kindergarteners running around giving me hugs, and it’s the most precious thing ever.”

“Keep your head up and look toward the future.”

Through her sorority, her classes and her job as a resident assistant, she has many people to move through the college experience with – like going to see Hunter Hayes, her first “big-time concert.

Maintaining perspective on what really matters

When she’s stressed out, she tries to keep perspective on what will be important long term, and she offers the same advice to other students.

“Keep your head up and look toward the future.”