Missouri State University

Kevin Evans

  • Professor
  • PhD, University of Kansas

Geology professor discovers crater in the Ozarks

According to Dr. Evans, science fiction only attempts to capture the true potential of the damage giant meteors can inflict. 

Meteorites, gigantic rocks that fall from space, are one of Mother Nature’s most visceral and impactful mysteries. Dr. Kevin Evans, professor of geology at Missouri State University, has quite a bit to say on the subject of meteorite impacts.

It came from outer space - meteorite in Missouri 

Evans discovered an impact site in Missouri that was much bigger than he could have possibly imagined. This site, the Weaubleau impact structure, is one of three in Missouri. The mystery surrounding these craters is whether they may be part of one large serial impact, a term used for multiple impacts from broken fragments of the same meteorite.

Evans has devoted much of his career to the discovery of meteor impact sites on Earth. Through all of his travels and research, he was eventually led back to his home state of Missouri. Professor by day and space-rock researcher by night, Evans uses fossils and paleo-magnetic data to reveal information about the meteor that created the Weaubleau impact structure.

Among Evans discoveries: the age of the structure and the angle of the meteorite that created it. On examining the shape of surrounding rocks, Evans found that "the impact hit and it blasted everything out laterally. It hit at such a low angle... so we see things that are really uncommon in impact structures."