Missouri State University

Diem Nguyen

For international student, logistics is about interaction and people

MBA student Diem found her passion in large-scale, international logistics. She says, "I thought it was so cool - how people managed cargo..." 

As an undergraduate, Diem Nguyen discovered and fell in love with the field of logistics. "I see the movement of cargo from one country to another country," she says, "from the manufacturer to the outlet... It's amazing." 

Her passion led her to a position at major freight provider DAMCO, where she worked with European accounts including H&M and Vanity Fair. She loves that working in logistics gives her the chance to interact with people all over the world. Diem says, "I talk to them about their culture, their lives, their work... It's a fantastic job." 

Now as an MBA student, she's drawing on these experiences, which give great context to what she's learning. Following graduation, she's looking forward to taking her logistics career to the next level.