Missouri State University

Kim McGinn-Perryman

  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice

Earning doctorate solidified skills and deepened sense of pride

Earning her DNP helped solidify the skills Kim McGinn-Perryman learned on-the-job. She says, "Nurses should strive to promote themselves and the value of the care they provide." 

DNP - The next step in professional development 

Before returning to Missouri State to earn her Doctor of Nursing Practice, Kim McGinn-Perryman was working as a nurse practitioner. She says, “In a lot of ways I was already managing,” but she lacked much formal education in administration.

So when the doctoral program became available, she was eager to join it. She believes that the Doctor of Nursing Practice “solidified” her on-the-job knowledge and made her more effective as an administrator. In her current position as a nurse practitioner manager for CoxHealth, Kim leverages all of her skills and education.   

Owning her work

Hospital patients depend on nursing care, which Kim calls a crucial "tool that helps people improve."

And there was a bonus: the additional education also deepened Kim's pride in her profession. She notes, “People go into the hospital to be with nurses. Twenty-four hours, there’s a nurse there. The physician plays an exceptionally important role,” but hospital patients depend on nursing care, which Kim describes as a crucial "tool that helps people improve."

Understanding this, Kim says, "Nurses should work and strive to promote themselves and to promote what they've learned and the value of the care that they provide." 


When asked what advice she'd give others interested in the DNP program, Kim says, "If you were considering going back to get your doctorate, you should be in a position where you're comfortable with your nursing skills... And then you also need something that you're passionate about, that you feel like you can own and engage with for at least a couple of years." 

She adds that the program's versatility and opportunities for customization make it "something that most everyone would benefit from."