Missouri State University

Chin-Nan Chen

Nick: Baseball fan, foodie, traveler

Master of Science in Administrative Studies student Chin-Nan Chen believes that international experiences are vital because "no one can live by themselves... every country is linked together."

International student Chin-Nan “Nick” Chen came to Missouri State for the master’s program in administrative studies. As it turned out, the classroom was just the beginning of his education.  

Making connections wherever he goes

During his time in the U.S., Nick has traveled extensively. Among his adventures? Attending over 20 Major League Baseball and NBA games, something he calls “a dream come true.”

Nick Chen watching the St. Louis Cardinals play 

“Keep learning everything, not just in class – everything.”

And Nick finds it easy to connect with others on campus. During his first days at Missouri State, he discovered that pickup basketball games at Foster Rec transcend cultural barriers. He also enjoys his classroom interactions, noting that the "students are very open-minded." 

Recommendations for other international students 

When asked for advice to other international students, Nick says, “Just come,” and recommends bringing along an adventurous outlook. He’s happy to have found that openness among his peers and professors. “They’re very interested to learn my opinions,” he says, “and we learn from each other.”

For Nick, listening and engaging are critical. “Keep learning everything,” he says, “not just in class – everything.”