SOAR Springboard

This online pre-orientation program is designed to prepare you for your SOAR session and transition successfully to college life. This program covers:

  • The academic advising process
  • Missouri State's general education program
  • Online tools you can use to plan your path to graduation
  • How to best prepare for class registration
  • Basic information about financial aid and financial services
  • How to prepare for your SOAR session

Contact New Student and Family Programs if you have a documented disability and are having difficulties with accessing or completing SOAR Springboard.

Accessing SOAR Springboard

SOAR Springboard can be accessed after:

Access SOAR Springboard using these steps

  1. Login to My Missouri State
  2. Select the Student tab
  3. Locate the My Admission Info channel
  4. Select the Complete SOAR Springboard and register for SOAR link

Completing SOAR Springboard

Here's what you need to know:

  • It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to complete. You can exit the system and return, if necessary.
  • SOAR Springboard consists of six informational modules, each of which ends with a short quiz to demonstrate what you learned.
  • ALL quiz questions must be correctly answered to unlock the next module and proceed. You can retake quizzes until you answer all questions correctly.
  • The final module, titled "You've Completed SOAR Springboard," contains the link to access the SOAR registration system.


  • Students should complete SOAR Springboard themselves.
  • Parents, family members, and other third parties should NOT complete this program on behalf of their students, as this information is necessary for new students to know.