Register for a SOAR session

When can I register for a SOAR session?

Registration is determined by your semester of admission:

  • Admitted for summer or fall – registration begins early April
  • Admitted for spring – registration begins early November

Please note that SOAR Springboard will not be accessible on Blackboard until SOAR registration begins.

Register for your SOAR session

Step 1: Log in to My Missouri State using your BearPass login and password

Create your BearPass login and email account, if you have not yet done so.

Step 2: Complete SOAR Springboard

SOAR Springboard, our online pre-orientation program, consists of several modules and short quizzes that prepare you for your SOAR experience.

To begin, select the Blackboard icon in the upper right of the My Missouri State portal, then select the SOAR Springboard link in the My Courses section on the right of the screen. (NOTE: your SOAR Springboard link may appear 1-2 business days from the creation of your BearPass login.)

After completing SOAR Springboard, select the Register now! button to enter our registration system.

Step 3: Reserve your SOAR session date online

Follow the SOAR reservation system’s prompts related to Student and Family Member reservations and enter your payment information to complete and confirm your SOAR reservation.

Step 4: Check your Missouri State email account and plan your visit

An email containing an e-confirmation packet will be sent to your Missouri State email account upon completing your reservation. Read this packet thoroughly, as it contains instructions for preparing for your session, helpful information, a SOAR parking permit, and more.

Family member registration

Students may register up to two family members (if space allows) to attend SOAR on the Family Members screen of the SOAR reservation system. Space for family members to attend is limited, so we suggest registering to attend as early as possible.

Family members MUST be registered in advance; no reservations will be accepted on the day of your session.

We do not recommend bringing children ages 12 and younger to SOAR as we do not offer activities, programs or day-care options for them.

Changing your reservation information

Update information about your SOAR reservation no later than five business days prior to your scheduled session. Make sure the following information is accurate, as it cannot be changed at SOAR:

  • Family member attendance
  • Major
  • Pre-event accommodations

Instructions for changing your reservation details:

  1. Return to the SOAR reservation system by selecting the Register now! button at the end of SOAR Springboard.
  2. On the My Reservation screen, select the Edit Section button for the section that contains information you need to change.
  3. Update the desired information, then select the Save and Continue button until you return to the My Reservation screen. If necessary, submit payment for any additional charges.