Register for a SOAR session

When can I register for a SOAR session?

Registration is determined by your semester of admission. SOAR Springboard and the registration system are not accessible to students until the date noted below.

Admitted for Fall 2018?

Registration begins February 1, after payment of your confirmation fee.

Admitted for Summer 2018?

Registration begins February 1.

Admitted for Spring 2019?

Registration begins November 1.

Registration Instructions

Step 1: Log in to My Missouri State

Create your BearPass login to access My Missouri State.

Step 2: Pay your confirmation fee

This payment confirms your intent to enroll and attend SOAR.

  1. Select the Student tab in My Missouri State
  2. Find the My Admission Info channel
  3. Select the Pay the $125 confirmation fee link

Step 3: Complete SOAR Springboard

Prepare for SOAR and your college experience by completing this brief pre-orientation program.

  1. Select the Student tab in My Missouri State
  2. Find the My Admission Info channel
  3. Select the Complete SOAR Springboard and register for SOAR link. This link will become available within 24 hours after paying the confirmation fee.

Family members or others should NOT complete SOAR Springboard for their students.

Step 4: Reserve your SOAR session date

Completing SOAR Springboard will provide you access to the SOAR reservation system.

Enter reservation information for yourself and any family members attending. Pay any necessary fees to complete and submit your SOAR reservation.

Step 5: Prepare to attend

Check your MSU email account often. We will send you registration confirmation, preparation instructions, and other announcements here.

Family member registration

You may register up to two family members (if space allows) to attend SOAR with you. Make their reservations on our registration system's Family Members screen.

Here's what you should know about family member attendance:

  • Due to space limitations, students are allowed to register two family members. This limitation ensures all students have an opportunity for family to attend SOAR.  We are unable to grant exceptions to this limitation.
  • Family members MUST be registered five business days in advance of your session in order to attend SOAR. Family member reservations may be added using the instructions listed in the section below. No reservations will be accepted on the day of a session.
  • Family members' registration fee include meals, materials, and other administrative costs. On-campus accommodations are not offered for family members; they must arrange for off-campus accommodations.
  • We do not recommend bringing children 12 and under, as we do not offer activities, programs or day-care options for them.

Changing your reservation information

Update your SOAR reservation information at least five business days before your session. We cannot change your major, family members attending or campus accommodations at your SOAR session.

Change your reservation information:

  1. Log in to My Missouri State
  2. Navigate to the Student tab and select the "Complete SOAR Springboard and register for SOAR" link located in the My Admission Info channel
  3. In SOAR Springboard, select the Begin SOAR Springboard button
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the Register now! button.
  5. The SOAR registration system will open. On the My Reservation screen, select the Edit Section button for the section that contains information you need to change (such as Family Members, Dates, etc.)
  6. Update the desired information
  7. Select the Save and Continue button until you return to the My Reservation screen
  8. If necessary, submit payment for any extra charges