Register for a SOAR session

When can I register for a SOAR session?

Your semester of admission determines when SOAR registration is available.

Admitted for Fall 2019?

Registration begins February 1, after payment of your confirmation fee.

Admitted for Summer 2019?

Registration begins February 1.

Admitted for Spring 2019?

Registration begins November 1.

Registration Instructions

Step 1: Access your personalized site.

  1. Enter your student email address used to create your personalized admission site.
  2. If the email address you entered does not instantly provide you access to your personalized site, contact Admissions at or call 417-836-5517 to reset your access.

Step 2: Reserve your SOAR session date

  1. Select the Visits & Events link in your personalized site's menu. Select the SOAR event.
  2. Enter reservation information for yourself and any family members attending, including your session date.
  3. Near the bottom of the form, check the payment boxes for yourself and any family members attending.
  4. Pay any necessary fees to complete your SOAR reservation.

Step 3: Prepare to attend

Check your MSU email account often. We will send your registration confirmation, preparation instructions, and other announcements here.

Family member registration

We encourage, but do not require, family members to attend SOAR with you to learn more about Missouri State university and ask questions. You may register up to two family members (if space allows) to attend SOAR with you. Include their information when you register to attend SOAR.

Here's what you should know:

  • Unfortunately, space limitations require us to limit students to registering two family members. This ensures all students have an opportunity to attend SOAR with family. 
  • Family members should be registered five business days in advance of your session to ensure we can fully prepare for their arrival.
  • Family members' registration fee include meals, materials, and other administrative costs. On-campus accommodations are not offered for family members; they must arrange for off-campus accommodations.
  • We do not recommend bringing children 12 and under, as we do not offer activities, programs or day-care options for them.

Changing your reservation information

Contact New Student and Family Programs to change any details of your registration, such as your major or family members attending. If necessary, you will be asked to submit payment for any extra charges.

Reservations should be updated at least five business days before your session. Refund requests are not granted within five business days of your SOAR session.