Prepare to Attend SOAR

Follow these steps to ensure you are prepared to attend SOAR and register for classes.

Complete tasks on the SOAR Checklist

Complete items on our SOAR Checklist prior to attending. Note that some items, if not completed, will prevent you from registering for classes at SOAR.

Read and complete the SOAR E-Confirmation Packet

This personalized packet, emailed to you when completed registration, contains:

  • The SOAR Preparation Worksheet, which you should complete before SOAR
  • A SOAR parking pass
  • Additional information to help you prepare

Check your Missouri State email account after registration to view your packet.

Review placement exam information

Consider taking our optional placement exams for courses in foreign language and mathematics. These exams determine your level of skill and potential to succeed in a subject. Your performance determines a specific course you are eligible to enroll in.

The foreign language exam is offered online and should be completed PRIOR to arriving at SOAR. The mathematics exam is offered DURING your SOAR session. Visit the links above for more detailed information about each exam.

Bring the following items

We suggest bringing the following items to your SOAR session.

  • Your BearPass number and BearPass Login/password
  • A state-issued photo identification card / driver's license
  • A folder with the following:
    • Your e-confirmation packet, including your completed SOAR Preparation Worksheet and parking permit.
    • A copy of unofficial college transcripts, if not yet received by the Office of Admissions
    • Questions for your advisor and other campus offices
    • Ideas you have about possible majors or careers

Prepare for your overnight stay

If you are attending a two-day session, bring the following for your required overnight stay.

  • Casual clothing, including comfortable walking shoes
  • A light jacket or sweater for air-conditioned meeting rooms
  • A blanket for air-conditioned residence hall rooms (bed linens and pillows are provided)
  • An umbrella or rain gear
  • Toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, hand soap, etc. (towels are provided)
  • Alarm clock
  • Exercise clothes for evening activities

Find directions to Missouri State and SOAR parking

See our directions page for guidance to parking for SOAR on campus.

Parking will be available in Lot 9, directly north of Woods House. If spaces are unavailable in Lot 9, participants will be directed to Lot 3, directly across Harrison Street. Those who park in any other reserved, metered, or visitors’ parking spaces or lots will be ticketed.

A parking pass is included with students' confirmation email packets sent after registration. Place this parking pass in your vehicle's dashboard upon arrival.