SOAR Checklist for Families

To help make your and your student's transition to Missouri State easy and organized, we have created a checklist of important tasks that should be completed prior to or after attending SOAR.


Before Attending SOAR

Review information about SOAR with your student

We recommend reviewing the following sources for information about SOAR:

Remind your student to register for a SOAR session date

We recommend that students complete the SOAR registration process, with their family members offering assistance if necessary. 

Students can include up to two family members on their SOAR session registration. Please refrain from making any time-dependent arrangements (e.g. hotel reservations, airline tickets, etc.) until your student has received a confirmation email for their SOAR session.     

Remind your student to complete items on the SOAR Checklist for Students

Several of these tasks MUST be completed before attending SOAR to register for classes.

Prepare to arrive and check in at SOAR

Find directions to SOAR parking and instructions for checking in at the link above. Please ensure you park in the designated parking lot, as vehicles parked in other areas will be ticketed.

Please print the SOAR parking pass included in your student's SOAR e-confirmation packet and place it on your vehicle's dashboard.

Bring to SOAR

Prepare for you and your student’s session by bringing the following items.

  • Comfortable walking shoes. We will walk between campus buildings throughout your session.
  • A light jacket or sweater. Air-conditioned meeting rooms can be chilly for some, so consider wearing layers.
  • An umbrella or rain gear. Weather in the Ozarks can be unpredictable—don’t be caught unprepared for wet weather!
  • A list of your questions. We don't want you leaving with questions unanswered!

After Attending SOAR

Help your student continue to prepare for their transition to Missouri State by completing the following tasks.

Have conversations with your student about your expectations regarding:

  • Academic performance
  • Campus safety and awareness
  • Time management
  • Accidents and emergency situations
  • Financial responsibility
  • Health living
  • Getting involved on campus
  • Personal responsibility

Remind your student to frequently check their Missouri State email account

Email is Missouri State University’s official method of communication. University representatives and instructors will send information ONLY to this account, so students should make it a habit to check their account a few times a week.

Ask your student to enroll you in the Partners in Education (PIE) program

Partners in Education allows families to support their student’s first-year academic success by receiving welcome emails, mid-semester progress reports, access to academic advisors, telephone assistance and final grades.

Students must enroll potential partners through their My Missouri State portal. Enrollment instructions and more details are available at the link above.

Review our residence hall packing list

This list provides suggestions for supplies students might need while living on campus. The list also contains items prohibited in our halls, so check it out before shopping.

Become a member of the Family Association

Members receive information about Missouri State programs, services and events through:

The Family Association also serves as a touch-point for family members, helping answer your questions and referring you to departments and resources for further assistance.

Attend Family Weekend and Spring Family Day

Family Weekend, held each fall semester, allows families to participate in fun activities and let their student show them their new “home away from home.”

Spring Family Day, held each spring, gives families an opportunity to spend quality time with their student and enjoy events on campus and in the Springfield community.

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