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Public Affairs Mission and Scholarship Program Requirements

Three Missouri State scholarships require active participation in the University's public affairs mission for renewal. They are the Presidential Scholarship, The Board of Governors Scholarship, and the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.

Students receiving the above specified scholarships are required to document attendance to or participation in at least two organized activities in support of the mission each academic year.  A typical student can expect to spend approximately 5 -10 hours per academic year in meeting this requirement.

Remember, the public affairs mission at Missouri State seeks to:

  • Develop an increasing awareness of the public dimension of life.
  • Produce a broad literacy in the primary public issues.
  • Establish a campus environment where the awareness of public questions is nurtured and their discussion is encouraged.
  • Create the capacity for and the interest in doing voluntary public work.
  • Provide community service learning opportunities as a significant component of disciplinary instruction.

Some examples of typical activities accepted as meeting this requirement include:

  • Volunteering through the Campus Volunteer Center
  • Attending an official Public Affairs Week event
  • Donating blood
  • Tutoring/Teaching
  • Actively participating in a campus/community lecture or panel discussion
  • And many more!

To verify your participation in each activity, you must complete the online reporting form before the conclusion of the academic year (or you will lose your scholarship!).

To submit a record of your participation in a public affairs activity, complete the form below. Please remember - you only need to use the form if you were awarded your scholarship during the 2010-2011 year or earlier.

Reporting hours through CampusLINK

If your scholarship was awarded during the 2011-12 year or later, your hours should be recorded through CampusLINK instead of the form below.

Report service hours with CampusLINK


Please complete a brief statement detailing your participation in the above specified activity and how it relates to the public affairs mission.

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