Student Ombudsman

The student Ombudsman serves as a neutral party who provides assistance to Missouri State students. The Ombudsman provides information, receives informal academic complaints, facilitates communication, and aids in resolving academic concerns.

The Ombudsman supplements, but does not replace, formal procedures. Use of the student ombudsman is voluntary, and is not a required step in any university grievance or other procedure.

Carol Shoptaugh

Student Ombudsman
Dr. Carol Shoptaugh

What can the Ombudsman do for you?

  • Listen and discuss students’ questions, concerns, and complaints
  • Assist students in evaluating and assessing options
  • Serve as a referral source
  • Informally investigate students’ concerns
  • Identify and explain relevant university policies and procedures
  • Identify trends, issues and concerns of students consistent with confidentiality outlined below

What can’t the Ombudsman do?

  • Impose remedies or sanctions, or to enforce any policy, rule, or procedure
  • Participate in any formal investigation or university adjudication. Formal investigations will be conducted by other university offices
  • Accept notice on behalf of the University


The Ombudsman provides a safe and confidential setting for students where they can be candid and forthright.

The Ombudsman does not divulge a name of the student, unless it is a health or safety emergency or as otherwise required by law.