Use this table to find out who to contact if you have classroom problems or issues.

Who do I contact if... Contact Phone Number Email
Classroom chairs are broken Property Control 836-5103
Classroom custodial issues Departmental Support Staff will contact Custodial Services 836-5265
Classroom maintenance requests Departmental Support Staff will submit a work request to Work Management Center 836-8400  
Coger Theater reservation requests Theater & Dance Department 836-4400
Computer in classroom is not working Academic Department will contact DUSS or ITSS for that room    
Computer training room reservation
(Cheek 135, Cheek 100, Library 205, Madison 5 & 6)
Computer Services 836-6056
Course changes Academic Department    
Disability Resources Disability Resource Center 836-4192
Facilities Request Form (FRF) Shelley Cantrell Space Management 836-4999
Ellis Recital Hall reservation requests Music Department 836-4420
ITV Rooms Academic Outreach 836-4128
Kentwood Crystal Ballroom reservation requests On campus organization: Event and Meeting Services

Off campus organization: Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services

Locking/unlocking rooms Review the Building Unlock Procedures or contact Safety and Transportation 836-5509
Media in classroom (other than computer) Classroom Information Technology 836-5778  
Outdoor Area reservation requests Event and Meeting Services 836-5653
Plaster Student Union room requests Event and Meeting Services 836-5653
Residence Hall guest rooms Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services 836-4384
Room is missing a chair or table Contact Academic Department Support Staff    
Room Requests for Course Related Events Scheduling Support 836-5233
Room Request for Student Organizations Event and Meeting Services 836-5653