Utility Failure

Employee procedures

If there is a power outage, employees should call the Radio Communication Center (417-836-5509) or the Work Management Center (417-836-8400).

Give the following information: 

  • Name and telephone number 
  • Exact location of the utility failure (building, floor, room number, nature of the problem, person making the call and extension) 

Evacuation during a power outage 

Evacuate while emergency lights are on during a power failure, if there is no natural light. Do not reenter the building until there is power. 

Emergency lighting is temporary and is not provided to continue building operations. 

Follow-up procedures from the RCC 

RCC forwards the information to the Work Management Center and notifies: 

  • Public safety supervisor on duty 
  • All on-duty public safety officers 
  • Assistant director of safety 
  • Director of university safety

If there is a power failure covering a large area, the RCC will: 

  • Contact the power house/work management, or a designee. 
  • Activate emergency notification list. 
  • Assess whether a full or partial evacuation of the building is necessary. 
  • Assign public safety officers to check each office and classroom in the building to see if anyone needs help. 
  • Close all labs using or storing chemicals and relying upon special ventilation equipment. 
  • Assign public safety officers to secure the building.