MyParking Portal How-to Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a permit year why can I only see Fall 2017 when I want the Fall/Spring or Annual permit?

  • This is the term the permit will be billed to.
  • A Fall/Spring permit may be purchased at any time during Fall or Spring.

I will be living on campus and it is only offering me a commuter permit when I need a Residence Hall Permit?

  • The Residence Life department has not yet entered your room assignment into the RMS system.

How to I reprint my temporary permit?

Why is the temporary permit only for 10-days when I ordered a Fall/Spring or Annual permit?

  • A physical decal will be mailed to the address you provide.
  • The temporary permit allows you to park until the permanent permit arrives.

How do I pay for my parking permit or ticket online?

  • Log In to My Missouri State to access your account to pay for a permit or a ticket.

Why am I seeing all of my previous permits on a vehicle I no longer own?

  • All vehicles previously associated with you will be in the database and may not be removed.

Can I purchase online if I am a Per Course instructor?

  • No, Per Course instructors must come to the Parking Office to apply for a permit.

Where do I order my parking permit on the portal?

  • Please select "Parking Permit Registration" on the MyParking portal.

Why am I not seeing any parking permits available to me online?

  • Please contact the Parking Office for more information, (417)836-4825.

Can I delete vehicles that I no longer own?

  • Vehicles cannot be deleted from the MyParking portal.

How can I make changes to the vehicle information if it is incorrect?

  • Please contact the Parking Office to make corrections to your vehicle information, (417)836-4825.

Why do I need to enter all of my information if I am only a visitor?

  • As a visitor, you will only need to enter this information once. This will ease the process of appealing or paying citations received while visiting campus.

I didn’t think the order went through so I did the order again and now I have two permits showing. How do I cancel one?

  • Please contact the Parking Office to cancel one of your permit requests, (417)836-4825.

I just go an email that I received a ticket. How do I appeal it?

  • Go to the MyParking portal and select the Appeal Citation menu.