Administrative Responsibilities

  • The supervisor or administrative head of a department or other organizational unit having administrative custody of a University vehicle is responsible for ensuring vehicles are used only for official University business, and that license requirements are met when a vehicle is assigned.
  • State employees must utilize the most cost effective travel option when traveling on state business. In most circumstances, state vehicles or rental vehicles are more cost effective than personal mileage reimbursement, so it is highly recommended for employees to use state or rental vehicles on state business. Refer to the Guide for Drivers on State Business. The Trip Optimizer assists department heads in determining the most cost effective travel option for in-state single trips
  • A department head or other administrative supervisor is responsible to carefully review and approve the request for assignment of a University vehicle to ensure designated drivers may be protected under the provision of the University liability insurance.
  • Permanently assigned vehicles are dedicated to a single job function, or individual, based on travel needs for a semi-permanent time period. In some circumstances vehicles may be permanently assigned. To view these circumstances see SP-4 Section D.1 of the State Vehicle Policy.
  • Motor Pool vehicles are to be returned nightly to the Motor Pool lot unless away on authorized and scheduled over-night trips. Certain circumstances may warrant a University vehicle to be parked at a personal residence overnight, however, permission must be obtained from the Motor Pool prior to doing so.